Shangri-la Hotel Lemon Garden Cafe

This is where the Chocolate Fountain is located.

Lemon Garden Cafe
RM88 pp
There you can have…

sushi, sashimi, tuna..oooooooOo orgasmic…

Unlimited supply of oysters as well. But one has to fight for it as many people will be fighting for it as well.

Fresh seafood as well. sort of fresh.. my mussel was stale.

Outside Lemon Garden Cafe, you can hang out at the lounge and listen to live performance

and drink this huge ass beer…..

13 thoughts on “Shangri-la Hotel Lemon Garden Cafe”

  1. i catch u, if i were a police…
    breath test..confirm kena!!
    by the way, lovely rainbow rolls
    damn..i love seafood..
    next time come eat at gold coast…cheap and fresh..not exactly cheap la…haha..but can la!!

  2. ooooohhhhh… this looks like the one in Crown Hotel, the Conservatory’s buffet…
    damn… i am hungry *diet diet diet*

  3. oooh…I haven’t been there in ages! I actually complained it was because they barely vary the menu, but now that I think about it, I like what they have just fine

  4. peggy: coast..cheaper than klang? hehe
    Christina: no…beer is not included! the beer i had was serve outside the cafe 😀
    chuoming: rm88pp.
    YUMMIE: no need diet la. ur body is perfect already 😀
    Amos: heheh if u got money to burn, feel free to head there hehe
    Lainie: actully dont bother to go. its nt that great hehe
    yvonne: for u…definitely not enough..kekek

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