Sharing is Caring, yes?

Its been a long time i’ve posted anything here. Partially due to the absence of any new remix by DJ Rych. Recently, I’ve found a great remix across the net. Hence, I decide to share it here with everyone. Fortunately, I was permitted to distribute the track by the producer, DJ Doboy. Please visit his site for more kick-ass tracks. For the meantime, enjoy this one first.
Get the torrent here
Info regarding the torrent can be found here
Remix Info
DJ Doboy – Trancequility Vol.30 (1:19:50), 109mb
01. fire and ice – samoa
02. firewall – kilimanjaro
03. mk-s – illuminate (mind one remix)
04. airscape – sosei (original mix)
05. voi – journey to paradise (mind one remix)
06. lasgo – surrender (ronald van gelderen remix)
07. alphazone – immortal (ceylon remix)
08. jx – restless
09. michael woods – solex (close to the edge) (vocal mix)
10. filo and peri – i 95
11. eric lidstroem – lightfields
12. solid globe – sahara
13. questia – crystal clouds (vincent de moor original mix)
Please leave the torrent on to seed the distribution. Its totally all about free-sharing and generousity 🙂 I did my part in sharing it here, you should also do yours by at least providing some bandwitdh alright? Enjoy the music! I know I did!

6 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring, yes?”

  1. mix #2 is still one of my all time favs. seriously good stuff. thx once again. will be seeding as much as possible.

  2. rych: yea, some old stuff are nicer actually 😀
    xes: np, 109mb only ma 😀 u download ur porns all oso so much bigger 😛
    tsinikal: yea.. that’s the spirit 😀

  3. xes:actually i have a few mixes ready but i dont have internet access at my new place but i’ll be passing my remixes to frank pretty soon.
    hoonfai:that alphazone’s immortal is still one of my old time favourite vocal trance song…rocks!!!
    tsinikal:thanks for seeding the remixes! we are in need of seeders!

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