Singapore – 1st May 2005

Japan’s Golden Week effectively started last week. 6 million Japanese travelled out from Japan, Jane was one of them.

Since flying to Malaysia from Tokyo is way more expensive than Singapore, Jane decided to land at Changi Airport. My schedule was perfect, i.e. get on to Air Asia’s (budget airline) 830PM flight and land in Senai Airport @ Johor, then take a bus to Singapore and then MRT directly to Changi Airport. That would save few hundred bucks.

But NOoooooooooOOooooooooooo Air Asia has to delay my flighttttttttttt…the bloody reason was that another of their flight got delayed. I arrived in Singapore in the middle of the night. Just as I thought that I’ll be able to make it to Changi Airport by train, my bloody MRT stopped at Ang Moh Kio, which is many station away from Changi Airport.

“Ladies and Gentleman, please leave the station as it will be closing now”, blared the speaker on Ang Moh Kio station.

Hence stranded in the middle of no where in Singapore, I wandered around till I saw a bus stop. A taxi arrived few minutes later and I lost SG20 to the taxi driver as taxi fare and surcharge. God damn Air Asia!!
Jane arrived about 1:30AM. We had Burger King for supper.
We got a relatively cheap hotel at Hotel 81 (one of the most successful hotel franchise in Singapore) Geylang. Our taxi driver said, “Lorong 16? Where are you guys from?”

“I’m from KL, She’s from Tokyo”.
“Ahh..icc..Lorong 16 is a dodgy place, you have to be careful”.

As soon as we arrived in Lorong 16, we were greeted by the sight of scantily dressed ladies with thick makeup and also a bunch of men of all ages. Jane immediately said, “What is this place???”.

There’s Geylang for you, the red light district of Singapore.

To be continued…

15 thoughts on “Singapore – 1st May 2005”

  1. xes, u r e man! hotel 81 r cheap hotels 4 one nite stands! veli popular hotel in s’pore 4 chick scoring! geylang branch some one! u win liao!

  2. Eiyaaaaaah… you take your g/f to geylang??? Most people don’t stay longer than 2 hours in those hotels… they call it the “transit rate”. You must have been the only guest in the hotel with any luggage!!! If you want to stay at Hotel 81 they have a much nicer one in Bencoolen Street…..

  3. xes: You da man lar. respect…. Geylang’s the place to score wif any chick. Especially your gf some more.
    Coolzzzz :p

  4. whoa whoa!!
    So how did your room look like??
    Bet there were unf unf and walls banging noises throughout the night heh!!?!?

  5. Darren: hehehe i hope tehy dont sue me for defamation.
    galferarri: unf unf and walls banging noises? just like those i hear from your room? hehe
    DieHardx: mmmmm…I win I win!!!
    Xenon: oooohh..thats what the transit rate is for…
    gguni: aiyer those type of chicks i dowan to score ler hehe
    stooom: mmmm… i hope i’m the man in a proper way..hehe
    frank : u gotta stop all the porno post la. attracting too many perverts here

  6. There were porno posts?! I missed it. Please repost. (for educational purposes)
    Anyway, from reading the comments since last year, I thought the official slogan was “Fap Fap Fap”.

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