So HIGH……..

The site looks kinda empty. The number of visitors is less due to the long weekend. Everyone is either back in their home town or enjoying themself somewhere. Damn it…that makes me feel homesick. I wanted to go home too but…DAMN!!! I had to attend Legal Aid Training at the Bar Council on Friday (29/4/2005) and Saturday (30/4/2005). I am not willing spend RM300 ++ to fly home for only one day. Well…guess, i have to wait.

28 thoughts on “So HIGH……..”

  1. ITS not a shopping MALlllllll!!
    its this 5 or 6 star hotel in dubai!…looks like a sail wan….on its on island…

  2. i dun think it is photoshopped, rather an architectural photo taking with special lens using the parallax technique.
    yes, it does reminds me of john portman’s design of marina mandarin in s’pore. but dat pregnant building is much shorter n has a wider interior.
    tis does look like dat 6-star dubai hotel in the sea which requires u to enter thru a bridge.

  3. the burj al-arab is 7stars, not 6, and no, it isn’t the burj al-arab.. the pic is of the atrium of the grand hyatt hotel in shanghai’s jin mao tower, a total of 35 topmost floors of the tower =)

  4. sy: Sibu, sarawak.
    Everyone: So that is a 7 stars hotel in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the total number of floor is 32 – 35? Honestly, i dun know how many floors that building has…hehehe.
    aw3: Yakah? hahahah…dinorsaur…serious shit ar?

  5. frank:if you were my bf and supply my insane shopping habits and won’t go broke…i’ll go to Afganistan with you too. ahahahah…kidding too. *wink* =P

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