snow mobile and ice fishing

Snow mobile is the hardest thing i´ve ever driven. It´s easy if the snow isnt thick but it´s extremely hard when the snow it´s thick. I was stuck on snow occasionally. Aki and his other 2 relatives had to push the snow mobile out from the thick snow (about knee lenght).

Handling a snow mobile requires a lot energy. It has no power steering hence a lot of energy is involved in order to turn the vehicle.

One of Aki´s relatives offered me a ride on his snow mobile. My god, it was damn exciting. He went up and down hills at high speed (about 60 – 120KM/H). It was great but i was worried that i might be throw out from the snow mobile. And during the last ride back to the warehouse, he went about 100km/h, it was so fast that i could barely breath.

I thanked and shook Aki´s relative´s hand as we left. It was a good experience!

I’m stuck

Aki and I

The gang

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