“so, how many ex-es do you have?”

I’ve never liked this question, when it comes from a potential candidate. I’d start counting in my head, “hmm… there’s Mike, and then there’s Patrick, …..” before answering with a solid number. I’d secretly pray he didn’t pass out (assuming he had lesser ex-es) or smirk (assuming he had more) at my answer.
How do you actually label that person an ex? By the length of the relationship, or the seriousness of it?
“Yeah, she’s my 8th ex-girlfriend. we decided to be a couple, but after 2 days, we realised that we were just better off being friends.” An ex once declared to me.
“2 days is considered a relationship? And she’s an ex-girlfriend? Please! That 2 days does not count. If not, I’d have more than the number I gave you!!”I retorted as I rolled my eyes.
Seriously, 2 days “together as a couple” qualifies as an ex? My goodness, imagine including all the 1 night stands to your history of ex-es! (Anyway, he still insisted she was an ex. omg.)
Perhaps some are proud with their history – to show off to their friends, whereas some are embarrassed. Consider them conquests?
I’ve lost track of my number. ;P
Just kidding. The problem is, I don’t know if I should include the 1-week-old relationship as well.
Does it really matter how her/his history is?
Or is it an indirect way of finding out how many people she/he has slept with? ;P
However, the number of ex-es may not necessarily equal the amount of people slept with!

20 thoughts on ““so, how many ex-es do you have?””

  1. having a great number of exes can mean a few things…
    1. You’re good looking but you’re a lousy partner.
    2. You have an attitude problem.
    3. You have a constant habit of comparing your new bfs with your first ex.
    4. You’re easily conned.
    5. You fall in and out of love too quickly.
    6. You have raging hormones..
    7. You are a materialistic advantage seeker who gets attracted to guys with the moolah.
    8. You have a soft spot for people who dare to express their feelings, thus falling in love easily with the person who confesses.
    9. You have no idea what you want from a relationship.
    10. And finally, you’re a repetitive lover..Ouch!
    Of course, not all applies but basically those are probably reasons to multiple exs. I won’t want to be labelled as the guy with many exs…that sucks…of course, it does help you find the one you want to spend ur life with as well…Or…it could mean ur just bloody good in bed and every ex wanted to find out if what they heard was true…heheheh

  2. aiks. so 2 days also count? where can!!!!!! i protest!!!!!!!! i protest 9 9!!!!!!!!! ;P seriously! I SERIOUSLY PROTEST 9 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wah, karheng…. i is speechless. prolly from my !!!!!! la (ran out of saliva). there is one theory that is quite true – all ex-es can be quite similar, i.e. your #10 ;P and i never had an ex with loads of moolah, ok, dunno whyyyyyyyyyyyy ;( i think #8 is my main weakness, or is it #4… hmmMMMmmmMM

  4. yep… having multiple ex’s seems like a problem.
    but I do know this guy who has never had a serious GF.. he’s 31. another problem on the other extreme, huh?
    ok ok ok ok, the truth is I do not only “know” the guy but kinda “like” the guy… and now I was stunned by this fact…
    Maybe bimbo can write about this in the next blog?

  5. chaliz: OMG!!! i know guys like that, too!! i was shocked when i found out, too. (you can email me on what you think as well (if you want to!), while i go and do a survey on it before posting it up. thankssssssss 😉 [bimbobum.at.gmail.com!!] surveying is tough.)

  6. why u like to post those relationship things one… ex la.. gf la… recover from broken relatonship la.. aihh….
    *kabish bimbo*

  7. now tats tot really…i mean..how long really issit considered as ex-gf?
    from wut i think..its not a matter of time..but then feeling towards the opposite..can i say tat??? ugh nvm…i’m clueless…well if so 2 days considered as ex..then i gave the wrong numbers to my gf when she ask me tat then…ekekke XD

  8. 2 days == 2 night stands !== gf! 😛
    And yes the number of ex-es you have SHOULD more or less equal the amount of people you slept with! Hah!

  9. *bish back pikey* saya punya bos say dis my dept, wat to do. lame ones untuk fanky ma. ehehehe. just joking!! (in case fanky is reading) ;:
    AvalonDevil: faster go and count again ;P
    Ivan: eh, if i had my 1st partner when i was 14 so we should have slept together issit? NAUGHTY BOY! ;P

  10. I think as long as you have some sort of “intimate” relationship for no matter how long like holding hands, hugging, kissing etc considered you’re in a relationship liow. So if you break out of this intimacy then mai become your ex lo.
    Wah if i really chase after bimbo, i think i might be a 1 hour ex liow. Lol!!
    Bimbo so promiscuous.

  11. endroo G: aiks… not considered counselling also ;P hehe. p.s. GERMANY LOST!!! yay.
    wolfx: 1 hour ex? i think that is considered a ‘fling’ la, not ex. ;P

  12. aiya…relationship….seriousness, feelings.
    and seriousness doesn’t mean you really want to sleep with someone….it’s how much you love and want to sacrifice for the person…
    while feelings means how much you love the person…not how much you want to feel her body or his body….
    ONSs don’t count ler….
    wolfx….ifu want to say…liddat ur already in a relationship with bimbo. =) u can always do this…*hold bimbo’s hand* ahahahahaha..

  13. funny thing is when i read bimbo’s post, its like reading my mum’s Women’s Weekly. LOL, its entertaining.

  14. karheng: When i meant “hold hand” i meant it that she won’t slap me and kick me in the gonads also. 😛

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