Street Kids @ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

After clubbing in Ho Chi Minh City, we headed to a bar filled with foreigners. Just as we got off from the car, we were swarmed by children, most of them are under the age of 12 years old.

Some were offering roses and some were selling chewing gums.

Such sight is quite common in Ho Chi Minh City. These kids are one of the eye sores of Ho Chi Minh City. These kids are sometimes quite annoying and most of the time, people choose to ignore them. Some are quite persistent though. After few days in HCMC, I found that the best way to lose them is to walk into a shop.


But after witnessing one kid’s joyful expression after Jeff chatted with her and also buying stuff from her, I find that these kids are still children deep down inside them. It’s a pity to see these kids not being able to enjoy their childhood.

Surprisingly, in a country where most people can’t speak English, some of these street kids can converse in excellent English. I had one kid harassing me in English

Girl: Mr. please buy a chewing gum from me.. I cannot go home until I sell all the chewing gum (It was about 2AM that time!).
Me: Sorry I have no money… (it’s true..I had only 35USD with me, just enough for my airport tax and taxi!)
Girl: Mr. you have money! *O*)/ !
Me: I don’t have enough money la. If I buy one from you tomorrow I cannot go home and will have only chewing gum for breakfast.
Girl: LIAR!!!! (walks off).
Me: -_-|||

15 thoughts on “Street Kids @ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam”

  1. quite sad lar those small kids have to work at sucj young age.. imagine lar we adults even complain about our work.. they dun even have the chance to complain coz their work keeps them from dying from hunger.. 🙁 .. huhu but damn cute lar the “liar” part..

  2. thrillseeker: i really dont mind buying heaps of chewing gum if it keeps them from dying from hunger, the unfortunate bit is that some cunt in the back alley is profiting from the childrens misfortune…. :|||||||

  3. wah, booby, you getting personal with xes ah? ;P aiyo, even i can assure you he does not stay in OUG. i think you should drop that subject la. the readers may start thinking you’re a psychopath in love with xes’ bum! hehe. jk. 😉

  4. Its sad. The last time I went to Mexico & Turkey, it was like that as well. My heart really breaks to see the kids like that. Seems like if you wanna visit a poor country, be prepared to face the reality of poverty or it can become too much.

  5. wolfx: yup kesian :S
    bimbobum: yay way to go!
    Thrillseeker: yeah lor. in comparison, our lifes is like heaven to them
    Mei: yup thats true
    boob_omatic: why la get so pissed cause i didnt tell you my address? got mental problem is it?
    Amos: i heard they goto school!
    dogma: ahhaha yeah. usually behind those kids there will be an adult following them
    endroo G: hehehhe vietnamese melons
    AHLOKKOR: yup, poor kids
    galferari: aiyo no time la. kekek maybe one day!

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