So u wanna be a La La mui

Earlier last year, xes wrote an entry about ah lian. Well, i am not too sure whether that girl can be branded as an Ah Lian or not because the term ah lian is defined very loosely. Unlike La La Mui. La La Mui can be easily spoted and identified.
Huh? What? You don’t know what is a La La Mui? Ok…for all you fashion noobs out there,

So, what do you think?
P.S. The author has totally nothing against man or woman with bad fashion sense. This article is posted without prejudice to any person be it the family and friends the girl featured in the photo or anyone related to her.

39 thoughts on “So u wanna be a La La mui”

  1. They are Bin Lang Xi Shi lah, the betel palm seller which is a popular stimulant in any suburban road in Taiwan.
    The thing the girl in the last pic is holding, is the betel nut and customers drive up along the roadside to buy them(and ogle at these scantily clad “lala” mui of course)

  2. you dont call them lalas ler… it’s their jobs… they have to wear like this to attract customers… i bet they dont wear like this to shopping and stuffs…

  3. the next time ur in ipoh heading back to kl, try exiting at the ‘simpang pulai’ tol instead of the ‘ipoh’ tol. along the way u’ll see lotsa pomelo stalls, so they have young girls standing in front of the stalls to attract potential customers. didnt u write a post on that before xes?

  4. hey, i also wan go ipoh, frank, remember 2 ring me up! e last time i was there, i onli remember visiting caves after caves, eating yong tau foo n it is generally an old town. dat’s about it. n lotsa chicks n grandmas smoking on e street. dat’s my impression of ipoh.

  5. wah what is this wei? are we going to do a convoy down to ipoh? hehe
    diehardx: soon ur impression of ipoh with be added with pamelo girls!

  6. those pomelo girls are NOT bikini-clad like those u put up. they’ll prolly be arrested if they do. and that bit about grandmas and chicks smoking on the street, u sure u talking about the correct town?
    p/s: jez was me, i usually hit the keypad and see whatever comes up. am using my name from now on. sorry for the confusion

  7. When I was in Taiwan last time I actually saw a lot of these girls. They are not sex slaves or hookers or lala muis. They are actually sales girls who sell beverages, snacks, ciggies and stuff like that in a mini shop along the streets. There are a lot of this kind of booths around. (just imagine there are maybe like 30 of them along Jalan Ampang) The girls usually have to dress really skimpily to attract customers. (Usually bus, taxi and lorry drivers) It’s actually quite normal in Taiwan.

  8. sara: aahh.. no wonder i dont remember writing it. wendee should have post pictuers of it. and sara pls introduce urlsef la.

  9. teckiee: You are right. Like rych said these girls are known as Bing Lan Mei in Taiwan. I’ve seen them Taiwan Variety show and read about them in newspaper and magazine. I posted up the photos because they look damn la la to me.
    sara: ummmm…i haven’t been to ipoh for awhile and i cannot really remember how pamelo is sold in ipoh…. =P sorry ar…i am very ulu one.
    diehardz: ok, u come up from s’pore first lar. I cannot go there cause i forgot to bring my passport.

  10. name’s sara. malaysian studying in australia. found your site thru someone else’s blog some time ago. been following since 🙂

  11. whoa…
    I dun think just any girls can do this job!
    Look at the ‘cun’ body and those heels they need to put up with~~
    *galFeRari in admiration**

  12. sara: yeah, i’m sure i was in ipoh then. no mistake. we purposely drove there becoz my aunt needed 2 meet client in office so i went 4 a visit around e town. old town, low rise generally. i saw them in front of a shopping complex, hanging around smoking like nobody’s business. i am shocked!
    frank: sure dude. fyi, ipoh is famous 4 prostitution as well. i dunno how true is dat but i heard from my aunt who studies in aussie dat when she travels with her fren from ipoh, e immigration will cross examine her n ask her questions. aunt told me ipoh girls r famous international chicks expecially during those mining eras which means:
    IPOH = many beautiful chicks = many Miss Malaysians = WE MUST GO QUICK! haha!

  13. i cant say i agree with u diehard. i am from ipoh. yes buildings are mainly low rise. and we get chicks and lads smoking in front of complexes everywhere across the country. there are prostitution places yup but famous for prostitution? i know when people speak of ipoh food and coffee come to mind, but prostitution…

  14. ya man, ipoh girls are pretty…ppl say it’s because of the hilly enviroment that they grew up in. I don’t know how true is it but i do know that they are very fair lar. Am i right, sara?

  15. har har, im sunburnt here in australia so i dont know about that. but a kl guy friend who shifted to ipoh told me what he thought. he thought there are more pretty chinese girls in ipoh coz ipoh’s population’s mainly chinese. whereas in kl u get a mixture so u cant really tell. but then again, u dont get people saying the same about penang when people there are also mainly chinese. there’s apparently this thing about penang guys are the most good looking. im confused…

  16. my hometown’s ipoh and i go back pretty often..but i dont really agree with the saying that ipoh girls are mostly pretty, infact i think most ppl in ipoh are way more tan than us here in KL actually.. i still think PJ has more prettier girls 😀

  17. honfai: hahahaha, cz everyone in m’sia wants to make a living in m’sia and they live around Klang valley. Therefore, u get to know girls from all over malaysia…

  18. frank: u sudah salah faham :p i meant PJ girls as in whose borned in PJ and living in PJ of cause ler 😛 urm.. girls who wanna make a living in m’sia, therefore coming down to KV will definately be too old for me.. even if its just to being eye candies 😀

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