TODAY is your lucky day

Today i went yam cha with my boss, my master and one my senior in a mamak near our office. We were happily enjoying our drinks when suddenly
“Sir, today is your lucky day!,” a salesman approached us with a big smile
Oh my God, salesman! So, all of us ignored him by looking at other directions, pretending that he was not there.
“Look sir, i have something very special for you,” he was searching his bag when he said that.
He took out a red bottle, filled with water. There was something reddish inside the water. It looked like fish to me.
“Oh my God, don’t tell me that he want to sell magic goldfish to 4 lawyers.” i thought to myself.
“Look here, sir,” the salesman said
My master looked at him and said “What is this?”
“It’s a watch, sir,” explained the salesman.
My master took up the bottle and studied it.
“A Watch?”
He put the bottle on his wrist.
“Bloody hell, how am i gonna wear this thing. It’s too big for my hand!”
All of us bursted out into laughter.
“No, no, sir. The watch is inside the bottle because i want to show you how good this watch is…..blah blah blah (all useless nonsense…can’t remember what he said already),”
He went on and on for 2 minutes
” Ok, enough lar. How much is it?” my boss suddenly broke his silence and asked.
“RM 29.90 only, sir. BUT if you buy from me today, i am going to give me another one for free,”
“Sure or not? How i know you are not saying that to con me.”
“No lar, sir. If you go KLCC, this watch is sold for RM89.90.”
“BUT today is your lucky day, i am going to give you an extra one for free.”
“Meaning?” My boss asked him with a poker face but the rest of us were lauging like mad now.
“It means you are lucky to meet me today lar so i am giving you 3 watches for RM29.90.”
So, he went on and on about how lucky my boss is today to stumble upon a deal like this for another 2 mins.
“Wah…that guy is really thick skin. ok lar, i will take it.” my boss said
“Thank you, sir. You are lucky today lar, sir. Look, you are last customer and my best one so far. I am giving away all my watches for a special price.” the salesman said.
“Ok, ok. You can take back the empty bottle and the boxes lar. I don’t want that”
Later, when he was gone.
“Eh, Frank. Come, take one lar,” He handed me a red one
“Don’t be shy lar. Take it. You can wear it when you go jogging. Don’t waste it lar,”
“eeeer….red ar?”
I took the watch from him.
“Well, thank you but can i change this for the black one ar?”
“hahahhahahaha…you are asking me to whack you izzit?”
P.S. Today is not my lucky day cause i think i am having fever…haih, i am sick already.

21 thoughts on “TODAY is your lucky day”

  1. red watches r so 4 ladies. haha! i dun think i ever seen guys wearing red watches.i’m sure everybody will b looking at u if u wear it out!
    why not u included it as e 2nd prize 4 e award? motivate more people 2 join? haha!

  2. rych: i’m veli soli, i guess i am biased 2wards guys wearing red watches. same like chuoming-e thought of gays, ah bengs, bisexuals come into my head when i c guys wearing red watches.
    but i do love red cars like ferraris n lamborghinis & red stuffs like coke,levi’s red tabs & well….things dat r meant 2 b red.

  3. u know? Apparently pink is the popular colour among guys nowadays. My friends think guys in pink are damn cute but they think red is gay colour now. Haih…i really don’t understand fashion. Izzit true that Pink is the new red now?

  4. Some guys look good in pink, some don’t. Red’s my favourite colour, I’ve got a number of red t shirts, a red water bottle, red pencil box, and red shorts. I’m just missing red shoes and red underwear. . . And a red watch 😉

  5. Applegal: If Wang Lee Hong wear a pink T – shirt, will he look good?
    Pikeydude: Dude, i am bringing you to casino with me next time. Make sure u wear your Pink t-shirt and red underwear, kay. We SURE WIN BIG one.

  6. yea, 5 years ago, it seems that the “in” color was black and grey.. today its PINK amongst the guys huh? how true do u find that? hrm.. i nv wore any pink ( both tops and bottom ) before though, too conservative to accept pink as a guy’s color still

  7. take a pic of ur new red watch lar…
    I’m quite fascinated by it.
    Show me, show me!!

  8. honfaai: So, pink is out of season already lar?
    galFerari: It’s in the office lar. I will bring back one day lar. Remind me, kay.
    Dan: I agree…Damn thick skin somemore =P

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