So u wanna be a motor show model 2

By the request of all the hamsup pek (All perverted uncles), all the motor show or Grand Prix model must be like this:-

But the consequence of that, accident do always happen such as this :-

8 thoughts on “So u wanna be a motor show model 2”

  1. I.. fall.. upon.. the.. ground… to worship… thy.. godsent… mammary glands…
    Thy.. awesome… round… pushed-up.. goodness
    I.. am.. breathless..
    Clone! I say increase development of genetic and cloning technology! Now!!

  2. JolingX: jo jo, how dare u fap at that girl!!! No gay porn for u from now on!!!
    Applegal: They look delicious.
    gguni: that’s y the fellow’s perfomance a bit off now.
    r4v3r: I bet they r saggy lar.
    aw3: You are loving it, dun u?

  3. i don’t think anyone’s actually looking at the camera
    I mean, how many people you reckon took photos of the camera on her hand alone, without the rest of her in the picture?

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