23 thoughts on “So u wanna go fishing”

  1. earl-ku: i agree.
    acid: Last time when i had tv in KL, i saw a woman did this to herself on a taiwanese variety show. Damn stupid.
    xes & karheng: Japs are weird ppl.

  2. hahaha…i just remembered xes girl is Japanese! O.o So i mean ‘some’ japanese are weird, but not all! 😀

  3. fish fish said : Pervert! That’s disgusting!
    Haha….man…what kinda fetish is this…nose got errogenous zone meh?
    *takes his index finger and fapfapfap nose*
    oooh…big booger.

  4. frank: Kimochi added with “warui” (which means no/not) literally means “NOT loving it” and better translated as “disgusting”. 😛

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