So u wanna have an ice-cream?

ba ba ba…(McD tune), i am loving it. Slurps slurps…=P

Nothing beat having an ice-cream with a cute girl like this…slurps slurps =P

16 thoughts on “So u wanna have an ice-cream?”

  1. xes: dun want…i dun wanna act cute. But i know a certain ex-housemate of us might do it.
    hyelbaine, Darren & karheng: So, all of u are loving it.
    iHafnObaLLz & acid: Attracting gays mean more hits rite? However acting cute is not a thing for me, therefore cannot lar. I am not loving it…

  2. hey, that’s song hae gyo, the korean actress who acted in Autumn Tale Story. Such a sad production! *sobs* Such a pretty lady.

  3. galFeRari: Hehehehe…only xes n me will know
    iHafnObaLLz: Our govt is against gay culture meh?
    m3ngchoo: Ya! Ya! She is so cute. I love her!!!
    fish fish: HUH! REALLY! Must intro her to me…i will be loving it!

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