12 thoughts on “So u wanna make your food cute….”

  1. Ben: That r damn cute, aren’t they?
    DKBU: ya man, i wish i can have more patient and time to master the photoshop.
    xes: I was thinking of editing the lines into my own but ummm..too lazy to open photoshop. Maybe our kind korean reader can translate for us…

  2. the author is really creative la.. can think of all the idea of facial expression and scenario… or that fella has too much free time, hehehehehee

  3. yo.. i m ur silent reader for quite awhile olidi.. but tak tahan liao must shout out ‘so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ the korean pics =p

  4. darren: ya man, i agree
    pikey: the fellow quite creative lar…hehehehe.
    jul: welcome on board =) Feel free to comment on our post. I always love to hear what the readers think about our blog.

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