So U Wanna Meet My Dream Girl….(Part 1)

I have a confession to make. I admit that i am lazy and running out of idea to blog. Life is becoming quite mundane and routine…

So today i am gonna show you my Favourte Hong Kong Singer, VIVIAN CHOW!!!!

Vivian was known as the “Lady of the HK Pop Industry” because of her Lady like image. I can say that she is a woman that can be pretty and cute at the same time, my ultimate dream girl!!!

Here is the pictures of Vivian Chow, taken about 8 or 9 years ago (i think).

But she had retired from singing for a long time and live a very low profile life with her boyfriend.

Coming up next! Vivian Chow 10 years later =P

9 thoughts on “So U Wanna Meet My Dream Girl….(Part 1)”

  1. She porn star rite? I remember see-ing her “works of art” somewhere b4.
    My god, Frank likes porn star kinda gal?

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