These candies are one of my favourites. It’s sourish. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japan 🙁

This is a new product. It’s chewy and sour :D~~~ mmmm makes me drool whenever I think of it!


19 thoughts on “VC-3000”

  1. penispups: aiyah people drool whenever they think of sour stuff. ehe
    darren: its good! u should try it 😀
    sarah>: sei lanci curse me!! ]
    bent: sorry i finished it alrady! heeh

  2. Bet u were walking around wig ur eyes close and that funny looking face.
    Scared any siu mui mui away?

  3. Hey I have those! It’s really yummy. The other sweet I’ve been buying in bulks from japan is is “Hi-Tech” sweet.You can actually get those in Isetan now but it’ll be cheaper in Singapore either at Takashimaya or Cold Storage stores.

  4. gguni: what toking u..tak paham..
    jac: mmm different type of a little bit sweet as well. oh y eah forgot to contains VITAMIN C!!
    flint: hehehe yeah..sounds like some sort of mixer
    frank: more sour than nano nano!!
    Sui Lin: of course..its not for sharing hehe
    chuoming: yeah.. japanese all weird names for everything.
    julz: they have it in isetan?? vc3000??

  5. Those sweets look like those Super Lemon sweet I had when I was young. So incredibly sour that it gave me lock-jaw when I first suck it.

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