So we are going to the moon

For a nation that cannot build proper highway, we dream of flying to the moon. In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we have already brainstormed on the how the Malaysia Rocket should be like ….

Wow, the Rocket look like it can glow in the DARK!!!
P.S.Let’s just hope that the Rocket is not build by our ever so proud Proton and monitored by our ever so respectable Work Minister.

12 thoughts on “So we are going to the moon”

  1. well if it is built by proton…i hope all the parts will not fail of fall off easily…we dont want that dont we. The proton standard issue syndrome. ill be damn scared to ride this thing…..

  2. yeap. anthea is right. it’s been a long long time since i’ve been there too. great place to relax unless on rainy nites. windy also most of the time.

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