So you wanna hook up with Neptune

This is Neptune.

The Greek Sea God
What a perverted old man! Look, he doesn’t even has his pants on, letting his “asset” dangling out there like nobody’s business. Therefore, today, i am going to teach all of you how to fish this old man from the sea and bash him up.

First of all, hook up a pretty girl like this :-

Then find a few friends whom are crazy enough to go out to the sea with you and do this to the girl :-

Look, Jenny is so excited about it. She is all ready to go.
Happy hunting, Jenny!

6 thoughts on “So you wanna hook up with Neptune”

  1. well….im impressed, i thought the kind of stuff can only happen in Thaipusum @ Kao Wong Yea festival……now seems like the mat saleh also know this trick, now thats i call technology transfer

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