Nasi KangKang

One day @ CLimbing Gym..
Malay Guy 1: ahh… I cannot climb now. I’m so full! Perut penuh dengan nasi! (literally means stomach full of rice)
Malay Guy 2: Tadi makan apa ni? (What did you eat just now?)
Malay Guy 1: Plenty of stuff..nasi ayam, daging, cicak, telur etc etc..
Malay Guy 2: Bukan nasi kangkang ke?? HEHE (Nasi KangKang not included?)
Ping & I: LOL!!!!!!
Malay 2: Eh Cina pun tau apa tu Nasi Kangkang? (Eh? Even Chinese knows whats nasi kangkang?)
Nasi KangKang, literally means Squatting Rice. It’s some sort of love potion made for men. It was believed that after eating the rice, the man was bound to abide entirely by the woman’s wishes. His mind will be reset and zombified. Any of the woman’s wishes such as, “buy me a diamond” would be fulfilled immediately.
Many years ago, this superstition was practiced by the Malays and also the Nyonyas.
How to make Nasi Kangkang
1. Stand with her legs wide open and while the pot of rice was still steaming,
2. Allowed sweat to trickle down into the steaming pot
3. Serve it to ‘victim’

Remember allow sweat to trickle down…dont shit on it…
I hope none of my friends were victims of this wicked meal. But this seems to be the only explanations why some of my male friends disappeared from my circle of friends after getting a girlfriend. wh4 buggers.

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  1. Hahahah My friends and I were just talking about this two days ago over coffee.
    The girls reaction:does it really work?
    The guys reaction:I cannot imagine the poor lady had to squat under the rice pot with such hot steam.

  2. frank: mmmm.. shitting on that bowl eh..hehe
    Darren: hehe i coudnt position it to show me squatting and the bowl together in a proper way!
    julz: go try la. then tell me whether it works! hehe
    Halian: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This thing is real, mind you. Not just the kangkang lah, but it comes with some prayers / chanting beforehand.
    A friend of mine was a victim once… to a Sabahan chick. Apparently he wasn’t aware of anything, until his friends started noticing a lot of changes in him, and that he wasn’t being “his usual self”.
    So they brought him to see an Indian medium (the friend’s an Indian); and it was confirmed that he had nasi kangkang 🙂

  4. Ewww! Nearly puke when I was reading coz I was about to indulge in my dinner =p
    didnt know this kinda still exists for real?heck..isnt this similar to those bomohs so called “jampi’s” and so forth?

  5. MikeTee: WTF!! what happened? what changes? mmm i wonder hows the chant like..must find out that i can stim my balls.
    fishfish: wahlao, u sure ah? soon they be making sushi kangkang man!!
    mongo: errr…
    LeeLi: it is some sort of jampi..maybe u should try it one day…psss…frank is single
    eraine: from ur room heheh
    Ivan: no doubt its me la. i dont deny it ehe
    honfaai: wahlao u can identify people by their feet? FBI needs u man!!
    Gavin: then? ur room ah? tiu sei sohai hehe
    kiang; get ping to try it la..since he’s still single keek

  6. ewwww the pic looks scary. my mum told me b4 tht one of her fren husband is deeply in love with the indonesian maid. later they found out tht the maid has been “kangkang” all the while b4 serving rice to her master. buek! n there’s a rumours abt this restaurant which sells nasi lemak in jb,they cook the sambal together with used sanitary pads. business was GREAT!

  7. nikki: i think ur mum’s friend’s husband is just horny la. hehe i;ve heaard many stories about husband having affairs with maid. kekee
    as for the nasi lemak, i think its just an urban legend. i’ve heard about people putting sani pads on satay sauce. pfft.

  8. Hahahahha. Man this is funny.
    Hey does it count if the girl kang kang over ur face straight away and u lick the sweat or muz in be kangkang over the rice?

  9. Wah sedap…i recommended this post to a heartbroken colleague. I think she will make super-duper hot tom yam fried rice kangkang tonight. 😀

  10. i want to nasi kangkang my husband. Must read some sentence is it or just squat over the rice ?
    He too many girls outside. pls help urgently.

  11. in my opinion.KANGKANG Rice…has seldom forgotten…furthermore in islam prohibit make that….I hope women in malaysia please do not make nasi kankang…sin.. u enter hell

  12. Posted by gguni: Hey does it count if the girl kang kang over ur face straight away and u lick the sweat or muz in be kangkang over the rice?
    yeah! go straight over his face and kangkang as long as u can take it gals!

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