Social Blunder

During dinner time, i went to tarpau (take away) at this stall near my house. I always eat there if i have no dinner appointment so the people there know me well. There was this girl who manage the stall for her father, or at least that is whom i thought he was to her, until today…
Girl: Hello, never seen you for awhile.
Me : Ya, i never seen you here for long time also.
Girl: ya kah?
Me : Ya, only your father is here lar, usually.
Girl: Huh? My father?
Me : neh…that man who always wear the cap?
Girl: huh?
Me : …….
Girl: He is not my father lar. He is my boyfriend laaaaaaaaaar.
Me : oooooh ( i felt like laughing at that moment)
Girl: ……
Me : …… (look at her blankly and trying hard not to laugh)
Girl: Here is your change.
Me : Thank you. See you
I walked off as fast as i can to my car and quickly drove off. I laughed my head off while driving home. Anyway, the moral of the story is “Don’t laugh too hard while you are driving, it’s dangerous”.

20 thoughts on “Social Blunder”

  1. dogma: ya, true. I will keep that in mind…some girl just prefer OLDER man….much older man.
    dareen: No red light one…just one straight road home…hahahha..cannot tahan already…
    rych: diu, dun want lar. That stall is my kitchen wei.

  2. hmmm, it reminds me of a relative of mine who visited my home during cny. e father n daughter was visiting my home, e daughter is e eldest. then tis stupid relative asked them how long r they married.
    i’m sure e daughter will b damn pissed off. becoz it means dat she looks so damn old 2 b misunderstood as e wife of her dad! OMG! i tried 2 escape e scene slowly, not being detected in fear of being caught in a volcano eruption! haha!

  3. My aunt’s friend and her family was gonna crash my place in Melb during her holidays. I was told she was coming wif her husband and daughter (who was studying in Sydney at that time).
    I’ve nv met them b4 and when they knocked at my door, I was wandering where was my aunt’s fren. I didn’t realise that it was actually her in front of me wif her daughter.
    Damn she looked good for someone her age. Either that or her daughter was insulted. But we’re best of frens now so everything’s cool…. I hope.
    I’ve heard women got a knack for keeping grudges.

  4. chuoming: hehe its not the first time frank posted about his social blunders kekekeke the best was when he complaied about the fish cooked by fred @ our placel ast time.

  5. frank : are u sure u were laughing ur ass off back home or u were sobbing hard deep down in ur heart knowing the fact another chun chiq has been owned by some old fag and not u? :X

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