White Wall @ Batu Caves

This morning, the usual climbing gang, couple of new members plus 2 photographers and I went to climb at @ Batu Caves again.

This time round, we went to White Wall. The journey there was tedious. We had to park our car at Damai before trekking up the steep hill into White Wall. The path was slippery and we even have to trek through a garbage dump.

Garbage dump…euw..

A sohai threw a motorcycle here..

Hiking up…

By the time we reached the hill, we were already exhausted. Further, it was bloody hot as well. The wall was hot, our shoes were hot and it was full of mosquitoes! There were not many easy routes as well. Since there were many of us and we had only 2 ropes, we had to wait a long time for the others to finish the routes as the route was tough and long. Fortunately, we had a 5C route to climb.

Ahh..white wall at last!

Creepy stuff..

Something is among the trees….can you spot it? 😀

By 1PM, it started to rain. Everyone scrambled their belonging and fled the scene. Getting down wasn’t easy as well. Since it rained slightly, the treks were already slippery.

ciao the scene!

Going thru the garbage dump again

This place reminds me of Amsterdam.


Fortunately, the rain stopped as soon as we reached Damai. We hung out at Damai for a while. Some were bouldering and some went to disturb monkeys. But suddenly, it rained heavily. Once again, we had to fled the scene.

It wasn’t a good day for us!

Monkey: Kiss ma ass.

Monkey not happy

Road to the unknown..

Ping on a journey of discovery

Karat & I

14 thoughts on “White Wall @ Batu Caves”

  1. wahh so much garbage, hmm maybe monkey boy ain’t happy that u guys didn’t bring him any bananas or u guys saw him scratching his ass haha

  2. darren: sorry no bananas..just hotdogs hhe
    fer: squirrel mana ada? hehe
    eve mak: mmmm its quite skinny la keke
    Lola & Lucy: hehe look properly!! hhehe its osmethwere in the middle`

  3. not to spill cold water, but that aint anywhere near amsterdam oso? 😛 u meant vienna is it? kekeke
    wah lao. one thing must salute u is the determinations u guys have to climb up and down 😀 give me.. i rather stay home eat and sleep ho ho ho ho.. but nice pics there.. was it hard to snap photos while u guys were climbing? the land were steep and u guys had to be so caution and all..

  4. honfaai: reminds me of amsterdam i said..not it looks like amsterdam. anyway, the canal water in amsterdam is of the same colour..both are black@!!!
    its not very hard to snap pictures up the hill 😀 just make sure we handle it properly la

  5. KaZ: its not too late to start again yo! and mmm i’ve never climbed those walls on your ewbsite..prolly next round! 😀
    frank: i think loads of mary jane there la…hehe

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