Something From My Childhood

Saw something from my childhood the other day.
Can you guess?????

Looked at them and went, “EUWWWWWWW…”
Because I honestly cannot imagine how I used to catch tadpoles with my brother and cousins. Euw. They now look gross to me, no longer cool!
Used to catch grasshoppers, too. ;D

17 thoughts on “Something From My Childhood”

  1. endroo G: euw, only catch sperms when you wanna have babies lah!
    Ben: good one, but the wriggling of the tail is still gross. ;P
    Ameen: gtalk. yah. for the gspot.
    zomg, i’m so lame -_-
    lynn.wabbit: LIZARDS?!! with those flickety tongues?! euwwww

  2. endroo G: lol…thats a good one.
    I miss my childhood. Life is just about work these days, + during lunch time.

  3. i use to feed tadpoles to my baby terrapins and its nice to watch them snap at those helpless little things into half.

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