Something least expected at a Chinese Coffee Shop

My parents and I dont eat at home, as such we eat at restaurants everyday. Sounds quite unhealthy though. I read from somewhere that with the amount of preservative we eat everyday, our body will take a longer time to decay after our death.
So, I have been patronising this coffeeshop ever since I was a kid. It’s a typical Chinese coffeeshop with good food.
Recommended dish: Sweet & Sour Pork Rice & their steam fish.

I bet this place has been around for more than 20 years. Damn old school.

The ‘open’ kitchen concept. Good thing, as incidents like ‘spitting into your food’ or ‘peeing your drink’ wouldnt happen.

And also Ahpek like this.
And the last thing you probably expect from this place is…

Wireless Internet Connection!!

42 thoughts on “Something least expected at a Chinese Coffee Shop”

  1. maybe the ppl living upstairs had a wireless lan setup, but nvr secure it properly? 😛 or did they purposely provide wireless internet connection?

  2. meng: most likely some people livng upstairs never secure their wireless properly 😀
    rych: dowan to download antything into my phone le. im scared that it might slow it down hehe running on microsoft now

  3. wah, for a moment, i felt famous, recognising my own banner on the screen. then i realised it was just you. not some fansi -_- eHeheHeh ;P jk.
    rych: at kopisop also wanna show hamsapness meh. ;P dl pron.

  4. The search for xes continues!
    And what are u doing at home on this day, bimbo? Not out partying?

  5. wolfx: waited for our date wat, boo hoo. ;P no la, watched footie.
    AHLOKKOR: now you mentioned it, now only i realise what Big Fried referred to. heh. ;P

  6. i think i will have to pay a visit to that shop….anyway ppl who stay in old klang road hsould know where izit..somemore my cousin is staying over there, can just hope down over there..

  7. xes: yo.. the coffeeshop here in my place also have it for quite sometime already. They even put up a banner “Wireless Connection Available Here” .

  8. pikey: yeah man, but i think the wifi came from one of the apartments above the restaurant ekeke
    wolfx: mad fellow i tell you, whats so fun about knowing where i stay ah?
    Amos: have u makan there bfore?
    Tay: yeah man! best big fried in east side!
    endroo G: WAhLao!
    Darren: wahlao, Miri is super developed i tell you.
    Luxifer: yup!
    boobs: dude I DONT live in OUG LA how many times u want me to tell you. want me to affirm a statutory declaration to prove it is it?? and who is lee christen?

  9. xes: haahah now u are on the wanted list! O-O!
    Well the shop underneath my office also i can access wireless…..hahaha..somemore top speed..mwahahahaha ;P

  10. hahaha really cool.. but wonder if the shop realize that u use their bandwidth, they might charge u extra 😛
    One of my colleague lives in a hip city area and she gets (free) wireless connection in the air from unknown source… good for her…

  11. boobs: who is lee christen?
    karheng: msia not bad nowadays, can leech wifi from many places.
    chaliz: hehe i dont tink the wifi belong to them! getting free wirelss connection is quite common. many people do not secure their connections.

  12. EwWwW.. That uncle was gross! Thank God he’s not eating KFC, where it’s finger lickin’ good (after he touches his toes and stuff) yuck yuck yuck!

  13. xes: what for i wanna know? Not saying i wana know also. But can i bribe you with japanese sweet for u to reveal bimbo’s address and handphone? >:D

  14. guys… why bother where xes is staying ? He can be staying in Batang Berjuntai and travelled there to have his dinner. Leave him alone if he dont wanna tell. 🙂 cheers.
    wolfx: i’ll supply some of the stock..i mean the jap sweets + few cartons of black Hacks. Condition.. i also want the address and phone number. Deal? ha.

  15. wolfx & endroo G:
    if i say i have a banana, i think you may change your mind about getting my handphone number or address. aHAHAHhahA. even if i am a chick, i may be one hell ugly fat one, also i think you’d changed your mind, right? fuuuh.. the last one is like a personality test like that. eeHeheH ;P

  16. siapa piffles? U not bimbo what for want to know your hp and address?
    I still wanna know if u got banana and gat and ugly also….so i can send ahlong to your house splash red paint and throw rotten eggs. >:D

  17. xes: i’m not stalking you and i’ve never thought that you could turn out to be such a chicken to the extent that you’re afraid to even tell where you reside.
    bimbo: i love you :p

  18. boobs: wahlao, i havent answer yet and you call me a chicken. wadafuk man.
    i will tell you if you tell me whois lee christen.

  19. hehee..why not internet conexion? its 21st century BABY~!…hehe..u know wut..i think i have a roungh idea where xes is…i can see the name of the restaurant on the 3rd pic…kekeke…
    mayb u jus go there to makan and not where u live..but heck, i think i know~

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