Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach – Rai Leh, Krabi.

I haven’t been climbing for the past month due to an injury I had while playing futsal. Recently, I just started climbing again. However, I have not fully recover from my injury and therefore, I couldnt do any hardcore routes. I guess I would not be fit enough to climb Tonsai wall @ Krabi :s

Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach, Raileh, Krabi.

I was going through my old Krabi trip photos and found some hilarious photos. Here they are.

This fellow has to be the hairiest guy I’ve ever seen.


Watching the sunset together, very the BrokeBack (gay).

The ultimate BrokeBackness.

13 thoughts on “Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach – Rai Leh, Krabi.”

  1. piffles: wahahah why go home so early today la?
    Amos: i not so privileged as you mah , get to climb bouncy mountains 😛

  2. i’ve seen super hairy man with hair covering even the face…
    that one is mad…like monyet liddat…
    as for the brokebackness…….it’s no wonder gavin is constantly haunting u…hahaha

  3. get well soon ler…
    leg injury damn long..mine also haven fully recovered, wear heels also pain..1 year plus d

  4. chaliz: HEHEHEH only happens in Thailand!
    Darren: ahhahaha i can imagine bikini waxers surrounding him. they surely feel damn high one
    wolfx: ekkeek thats not me la.
    karheng: wahlao u met a circus troupe is it
    piffles: wahlao print money ah go so many times a week
    wookookoo: hehe u like eh??
    peggy: i hurt my arm not leg hehe

  5. p/s if u look at the brokeback photos, the 2nd photo has a girl in the middle. they might be checking out the girl. not so brokeback after all 😛

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