Spring Clean Your Life!

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Below is the 3rd clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
On Wednesday’s The Star, 7 March 2007…..
* Flip to Page M14 – M15
* Detect article: Pictures consist of women only.
* 4th Column, 9th line from the bottom
* The word: Just before the last word in the line.

From my March 2007 copy of FEMALE magazine.
One of the things I have started to do is to AVOID TOXIC FRIENDS. I’ve got too many of those who have the tendency to put me down all the time, without an inch of moral support. Stupidly, I kept the friendship going just because we’ve been friends for so long, so, what the heck. However, for the past few years some of these friends haven’t been nice and supportive, so I might as well let them go. Don’t need friends like them who constantly put me down and wanting to compete with me even over the slightest things!
Another is to LET GO OF EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. ;D Tacky as it sounds, if you’ve read some of the posts I ranted about my mad ex-boyfriend, I guess it is time for me to chuck me out of my life – he as bad karma. I honestly don’t want him in my life at all, not because of being bitter, but he serves no purpose. I guess I should stop hating him, too, and feel pity instead and move on.
Yup, it’s time to spring clean the list of friends, nasty as it sounds!
And that leaves me with ……………………..
…. just 3 friends.
Just kidding!
Have you been spring cleaning, too?

13 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Life!”

  1. yea sometimes spring cleaning is really what we all need at some point in our lives. it gives us a fresh new start. However, for those who keep bringing you down, don’t let them. You are who you are, and how you choose to live your life is your OWN choice. So stay strong, and Live Strong. =) There’s no harm of having so little friends, its nothing bad. At least you friends in quality. Rather than quantity but you can’t count on them. that aside, Its good to keep in touch though. =D anyways, have fun spring cleaning!

  2. eee,how come I never come across to this kinda situation b4 1???all my friends treat me well, non of them are “toxicated” hrmm!!!I guess I only hafto spring clean my house…^.^ BTW, a brand new year, a brand new life, stay cool…

  3. i totally agree, i plan to poison my friends(i’ll miss them, i will),burn my house down and change my name to ‘bob kurosawa’. y’know just for a fresh new start.
    btw anyone wanna go makan next week? my treat

  4. dogma: for a moment, i was going to say YES! ;D
    ImperfectlyMe: two toxic friends or just two friends left? heheheh 😉
    xes: left hand, right hand and …….
    wolfx: YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! ;D
    KhinKo: how come your life not very dramatic like mine, is it? nobody backstab you or anything? ;P
    karheng: aiya, i don’t like my ex, remember? i mean, i must let go of the contempt i have for him lahh
    knickx: ya, nowadays my close friends and i choose quality friends over quantity. no point having so many ‘friends’ but only a few who are reliable and can be trusted. 😉

  5. Hello,
    I concur wholeheartedly with the 10 points above, especially on the toxic friends bit. I have some friends who i’ve known for a long long time, since childhood. But over the years some have started becoming really toxic and although i tried keeping the friendship as we had been through so much thick and thin, there’s no point. Kick all the envious/egoistic/toxic people out, and say hello to cleaner, holier you. 🙂

  6. You come into this world naked with nothing. You will leave like that also…..Obsessive attachment to anything is poison, and will make your already short life even shorter…….Yes, that includes “loved ones”.
    So people, its alright to be a little selfish and do something good for yourselves everyday. E.G. Getting my daily high of dark chocolate… 🙂 and errrrr……some sort of extreme physical pleasure….

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