Below is the Final clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
There are two words to watch out for in this clue. On Thursday’s The Star, 8 March 2007…..
* Flip to Page M16
* Detect article: The only one article on this page.
* 2nd Column, 3rd line
* The 1st word: Last word in the line
* The 2nd word: Put your newspapers aside, check your calendar. What’s the current year?
Now, compile all the words that you have found from the past week. Piece them together to form a phrase. Use your creativity 😉
Print the phrase on an A4 size paper and bring it to 1 Utama Starbucks (New Wing) between 2-4pm (10.3.2007). Show it to a blogger and win 2 free tickets to Speed Zone Tour 2007!

I remember when I first went to read law in UK. Everyone was so home sick for Malaysian food after a few weeks. Fortunately, there were some girls (as they then was =P) knew how to make some decent home cooked meal. Hence one day, Ms. S , Ms. C and Ms. MY invited a bunch of us over for dinner. I don’t remember what they cooked but I do remember that it was great.

After the meal since some guys came early to help prepare the food, I felt that i should do something. Therefore, i decided to help in washing up. Eating was sure easy, but washing…SUCH A HASSLE. I wash up the dishes quite quickly until i came to a pot. MAN!!! That pot was so black inside.

“Fuck la, don’t know who cook until burn the pot!!!” i cursed silently inside me.

So, i scrub, scrub and scrub for a good ten minutes. I got most of the black stuff out. Then, Mr. AN pop by.

AN: Hey, Frank. Why so slow one
Frank: malou, the pot very hard to wash la. So black inside. You see
AN: ….
Frank: You help me scrub the rest out.
AN: You should just leave it like that la
Frank: Huh? No la…later they all don’t wanna invite me over for dinner.
AN: Leave it la
Frank: Why?
AN: Because a non stick pot is suppose to be black inside la.
Frank: Fuck…quickly hide it somewhere. Don’t let them find out.
AN: too late. “THEY” already know
Frank: You don’t tell and i don’t tell. No one know wah.
AN: No, the owner of the pot will still know.
Frank: How??? Ooooh…you are gonna tell them. You wai hai sei (canto slang means useless man who usually sell of their fellow brother over favour from the woman. Real scumbag if u ask me.”
AN: No, that’s because the pot is MINE!!!
Frank: aiks…..

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  1. zomg. darn funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahaha…………ppffttt

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