Stamp Exhibition @ Sub3ng Parade

Last week, eraine and I went for the Stamp Exhibition at Sub3ng Parade Shopping Centre.

I drooled from the beginning until the end. I spent a sinful RM50 on them!!

Two young newspaper reporters approached us for a photo. One of the reporters tried interviewing us in Mandarin.

Girl: *said something in Mandarin to eraine*
eraine conveniently said, “wo bu hui chiang hu yu“. That means, “I cant speak Mandarin”

Obviously shocked, the girl had no choice but to interview me. She asked me what kind of stamps I bought. I could not think of the proper words for it (my Mandarin is bad). Hence, I said, “sher mok tou mai!!” (I buy whatever there is!!).

They then made us pose with the newly launched stamps on our hands. If you see us on Sin Chew Jit Poh, those weren’t our stamps!!

I think the obvious reason why the reporters approached is that we were the ‘young’ patrons there. Other patrols were either too old or too young (primary school kids).

I overhead a conversation by 2 men.

Men 1: Why are only primary school kids here? What happen to the secondary school kids?
Men 2: I think those kids are in the cinema or doing something “cool”

How true, eraine and I were the only young adults there.

13 thoughts on “Stamp Exhibition @ Sub3ng Parade”

  1. yes leongs tell lah everybody i’m a banana don’t know how to speak mandarin for nuts other than to inform people that i can’t bloody speak mandarin huahuahuahua..i is sark :oP

  2. xes: yes yes..i am talented that’s why. huahua :o) frank: hah? if pronounce wrongly got different meaning then DIEDEDS..she will continue to talk to me in mandarin o.O *stress*

  3. eraine: next time tell them, “wo de pi ku hen ta”. that means sorry, i cant help u!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. xes: dowan! i tell them “leongs de pi ku hen ta” 😀 see see sure they take pic of your pi ku & put up big big in sin chew huahuahua..ass pic :oP

  5. Hey I used to be a philatelist too…but I can’t even remember what happened to the stamps now…Used to have a lotta old ones from my grandmother and first day covers

  6. eraine: nono, u should say “wo de pi ku hen hen hen hen chiew kap mou tik ta!!!”. that means im sorry i’m too busy and i can help u!! 😀 😀 😀 :Dlainie: wahhh inherited stamps. my dad left me his collection too…but i lost it in school..arghhhh i feel like killing myself for that!!

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