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  1. Benci betul. I hate cicaks, what more a huge cicak man! Waa, that Thai Mercury Man looks promising lah. What’s ours, man! We have so many animals in Malaysia, orang utan, the sun bear, tigers, elephants, and they HAD to choose a bloody cicak!!!

  2. his special ability is to shit on walls and regenerate torn off body parts. not to mention having a long sticky tongue too
    lol…what a joke

  3. *wonders whether Cicak man was bitten by a radioactive lizard*.
    The next Malaysian superhero should be Tapir Man. His super ability is to hide himself under the moonlight.
    The Mercury man looks like a Spawn copycat.

  4. how come cicak man got wings on his ketiaks? WTF?!?!? HAHHAHA…
    ehh…lately m’sia over populated by cicaks arr?!?

  5. darren: there IS a keluang man. cartoon one somore..
    i think i can guess the name of the sequel.. Cicak man vs Lipas man

  6. dude, it looks so cacat man after u posted all other countries superhero!! summore that cicak looks like cockroach…

  7. hahahah I tot US got more than just superman..they got batman, spiderman, xmen…all the comic heroes..FOOH!
    I mean..how lame can cicak man get. I tot keluang man was a decent effort, tho a copy of batman…
    I mean…cicak man? ROFL! and I tot they dun like to mix languages nowadays? Should be Laki/Orang Cicak!
    Best part is, he doesn’t look decently strong at all. The suit only has 8 packs but it’s flat!
    So who does he fight? Penagih dadahs?

  8. pokai: definiately msia bole.
    sarah: SUPERHERO?? when when!
    endroo G: HAHAHAH YEAH. i would definiately line up for it!
    bimbo: braces? braseires? aa?
    zul: LOL
    Epel: u wont knwo man, u might have orang utan man and sun bear man appearing in cicakman as cicakman’s side kicks.
    di0n: ahahaha yeah man
    zhong: YEA im definately watching it!
    Low: yeah man, spawn copycat
    umeng: AHHAHA wait.. cicak got wings meh??
    Tay: keke i think he’s supposed to look cacat
    Khinko: if u’ve look at the trailer, you’ll notice that the custome was done by saiful apek at home. hehe
    Dan: REALLY! so near!
    karheng: i think among all superheroes in USA, Superman is the most powerful. Which super hero can make the world spin backwards. keke cicakman might be fighting pontianak and mat rempits

  9. Cicak man will have to fight the combined might of Lipas man and Nyamuk man.
    Nyamuk man can call all sorts of nyamuk to suck the blood out of his enemies. That is his super attack. Even Cicak man cannot eat all the nyamuk fast enough.

  10. Seriously, when i read this post i thought you were joking but when i went to 1 Utama i passed by the cinema and saw the huge cut out… i couldn’t help but laugh!!

  11. eh cant help to stare at the croatch area of cicak man, how come its glowing?to imply that its powerful there also kah?

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