So you wanna have big boobs…

I read in one of the forum. A guy wrote :-
“I hate big boob … dunno why they want it soo bloody big
expensive somemore
what will you do to your girl if she ask you money to enlarge her boob ?
she is those kind like to show off and stuff”
I wonder what will i do if my girlfriend ask me for that…hmmmm…i will definately say :-
“No lar, next time got baby already susah (“difficult”) because the milk might be too much for it. Later, the baby fat fat one become bully in school”
What will you say to your girlfriend?
For the girl, what will happen if you boyfriend ask you for money to enlarge his penis and he said
“Honey, i wanna make my asset longer so we can much more fun”
If i am a girl, i will say

13 thoughts on “So you wanna have big boobs…”

  1. Wonders whether I should say 4th?
    Oi, Foong, do you want to enlarge your member or are you satisfied with it?
    Will you ask your gf for money to enlarge it or will you give her a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E? 😛

  2. diff ppl likey diff size 1 ma…eg: some love pam anderson’s boob job, to me it’s disgustingly big. Real life where got so huge on such a slim person 1??

  3. 1. my penis is large enough no need for enlargement of any sort, dont want to be mistaken for having 3 legs
    2. the way to measure the size of boobs is to see if it fits nicely within your palm. if your palm can’t cover the whole thing then you know it’s time for reduction. If you can barely pinch then well silicon isn’t too expensive nowadays

  4. Of course.
    But since I only know you, and since you are the main proprietor of this website, which therefore technically means that any posting done by anyone else is invariably done by you, I belived that the question was rightfully posted to you 🙂
    Collective responsibility, remember? 😛

  5. aih….i like my women au-naturale. DUn like cybernetic silicon implants. BLEH!
    Anyway want so big for what…..small also nice and cute. Like muffins. XD

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