SuSan’s bday

It’s Su San’s 21st birthday today. She’s sharing the same birthday with her twin sister in Melbourne.
She invited us for dinner at Ving Hwa Chinese restaurant in the City. My friends and I were pretty late and by the time we got there, there were already 2 tables full of people celebrating Su San’s birthday. The first thing I did was wishing Su San happy birthday.
6 of us, Chuo Ming, Fred, Han Choong, Frank, Alan and I sat on a small table and started eating. The food was pretty good but it was pretty expensive. It cost us 13 quid per person for 7 dishes.
It seems that some girl is going after Frank. I even heard the girl confessed to Frank last night. muahahahah Go for it Frank!
6 of us basically didn’t interact with the others on the other tables. All we did was eat and chat. The only time we went over to the other tables was when we were taking a group photo.
Su San seemed happy. She thanked everyone who came.
11:30PMJanet, Mindy and I went to Sam and Cynthia’s new place. They’re staying in Marlborough road with 3 other English girls and a Japanese. The Japanese, Yoko, is very shy. She doesn’t talk to guys or even greets them. However, according to Sam and Cynthia, Yoko talks a lot to them. They refer her as a conservative girl. But I think she’s a total bitch. She can’t even say hi or greet me even though we stayed at the same Hall last year.

Ben (not Ben Hon the ass, hehe, this Ben is a British Born Chinese; Sheffield Uni Law graduate) was cooking in Sam and Cynthia’s place. All of a sudden, he gave Janet, Mindy and I a big plate of pasta each. Still feeling full from lunch, I could barely finish it. I threw the leftovers into the dustbin.

Ben just graduated last year and now he’s looking for a job. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any. Now he’s waiting to enrol into the LPC (Legal Practice Course, it’s the qualifying course to practice as a solicitor).

We started talking about children’s shows. Someone said that one of the teletubbies is gay. The purpose is to make sure the children wont grow up homophobic. Mindy even said that there are elements of political philosophy in cartoons. She said that Smurfs (those blue little things) live in a communal way that reflects Communism. Papa Smurf, our all time hero, with his red hat (note: RED symbolises Communism) dictates the Smurfs community. Every other Smurfs has to follow his orders and all of them are equal.