missed criminal evidence!

Muay Thai classes again. It was the first time I ever felt so bloody exhausted. My neck aches like hell and it could hardly support my head. Scotty (our president) and I were literally throwing each other by grabbing each other’s neck. Furthermore, the gym test almost killed me. Since I was already exhausted with the neck wresting with Scotty and skipped lunch, I feel on my knees and couldn’t move another step at all. I rested and then stood up. I felt so dizzy and nauseous till I had to stop. Fortunately, I felt much better within few minutes.

Our Muay Thai society is having problems now. By next week, all our members will have to payfor the membership fee for the Sports Centre (the place we’re renting now). That means, our members would have to pay 1.50 for every session, 5 for the Muay Thai membership fees and now another 30 for the Sport Centre’s membership fees. 36.50 just to keep fit? Outrageous! We protested to the managers but he couldn’t do anything. Scotty bust into anger and threw a fit saying “I worked so hard and put so much effort into this society and now you’re shutting us down just like that?” But in the end, he decided not to put all his anger on the manager. He’s going to speak with the Sport Centre administrators soon. But if we couldn’t strike a good deal, we’ll move out from the Sport Centre.
16 October 2002 Wednesday
Frederick and I threw out the rubbish (mainly card boxes) that was blocking our entrance corridor for weeks. We packed them up and shoved them into Frederick’s car and searched for a rubbish dump. We finally found a rubbish dump at Crookes Rd, just opposite our Law Faculty. However, we are not supposed to throw anything inside. Frederick and I got out from the car and started dumping all the boxes into the dump before speeding off. It was hell of an adrenalin rush.

16 Watson Rd is online! Frederick and I installed broadband today. It was hell of a job. Our worst problem was getting Charles’s computer to share the Internet connection with the other computers. Hours later, Frederick solved it in the end.