Sven Vath @ ZOUK KL

The gang decided to feng at Zouk KL today.

Sven Vath, a well-known techno DJ was spinning.

It was horrible.

It was supposed to be a 5 hours set but he came late. Then he started with some cheesy shit music. At one point, we went up to him with a sentence on a PDA saying, “HARDER! TECH!!”.

Well he did play techno after that. No doubt it was good but half an hour later, he mellowed it down and started playing cheesy shits.

Further, Zouk KL has this stupid policy. Photography is not allowed in the club. A club is a place where friends gather and have fun. I�m sure everybody wouldn’t mind piece of their memory to be recorded. Unfortunately, Zouk KL doesn’t share the same concept. BOYCOTT ZOUK!!

I had a little embarrassing moment there as well. While parking my car, the attendant was guiding me.

He said, �ok ok go on go on, plenty of space�.

I followed his orders but suddenly I froze.

He repeated again, �go go go, plenty of space�.

I froze again. I was staring at something in front of me. The attendant looked at me and froze as well. He then turned at the thing I was looking and starting laughing.

Well, the sight of 3 hot chicks coming out from a BMW caught every bit of my attention. hehe

Oh yeah lastly,


Well, no silly pictures of you this year (unlike last year). May all your wish come true and get a job ASAP!!

11 thoughts on “Sven Vath @ ZOUK KL”

  1. myke: yeah it suckss keke wolfx: whatt take pictures?? u think im a pervert like u ah?? ehhe YUMMIE: aiyah wasted ivn: nia mah poot poot

  2. louyahmike: mmm, yea true hehe hazel: yeayeayeayea! it would blow any straight guy off! gguni: the place is alright but the no photo policy is tEh sUckSwolfx: yeah ulu la but not perverted like u ahhaha

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