Big Ben’s bday

It was purely incidental. We were chilling out at Cristo’s after cancelling our Velvet Underground night out. Big Ben, who celebrates his 23rd birthday today, was there with his friend Nadia.

Without hesitation, we started bombarding him with drinks. His other friends came as well to bombard him. By the end of the night, he had 6 shots of tequila, 1 flaming Lamborghini, 3 graveyards, 1 around the world and loads of beer.

We had to sacrifice ourselves to make him drink ie he wont drink until we drink. Aaron had so much till he said, “I’m so drunk!! I need sex now!!”. What made it funnier was when he said it in front of his date.

Big Ben vomited.

He stoned for couple of minutes before puking on his own pants. Umeng, once again, the superstar of the night, cleaned Big Ben up and moved him around. What made it more heroic was Big Ben smelled like a walking garbage truck. Melvin, Umeng and the rest persuaded Big Ben to get into his car. However, he didn?t want to move. He said,

Don?t move me I?m going to vomit.
Rule no 1, don?t touch me.
Touch me again and I?ll shout
Touch me again and I?ll kill you.

2 hours later, we got him into his car and drove him home.

Oh wait that?s not the end of the story. After Ben went home, he showered, changed and drove to Bar Code.


15 thoughts on “Big Ben’s bday”

  1. thank god i make it a point to throw up at homeno matter how much i’d need to throw upi’ll make sure i only do it in the privacy of my own homeit’d be sooooooo whacked if i did it in publici’d be so embarassed 🙁

  2. espcially if you puke on yourself? like ben? ehehehbtw the yue meng damn hardcore ;D. props to 2nd breath fucker who can tahan puke smell

  3. kim: no worries, plenty of opportunities for u to vomit in public. 😀 myke: diarrhae? eeUWWwmichaelooi: he is da man lah. i’ve never met anyone who could drink so much eheh blossom: hehe must post to give people some visual stimulation ma wolfx: haehaehae he said, “if you blog about this i will kill u”rhymehead: ehhe he didnt drink there la. just went to fetch someone joyce: eh where got? i was too tired to blog when i sent you the pics! hehe hazel: ehhe but its a good visual stimulation~ hehe dee: hahaeh aiyah we helped ben to clean himself up too..butthen umeng did most of the dirty work ekek

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