Sweet and Sour Pork

Those who knows me for long, would know that my dinner is usually sweet and sour pork. My favourite! Those who reads this website often know I love stamps.

Now God has combined both of my favourite things into one thing, A SWEET AND SOUR PORK STAMP!!


Stamps released in China to celebrate the Year of the Pig taste of sweet and sour pork.

The stamps on sale in China to celebrate the country’s New Year. The stamps taste of sweet and sour pork.

When you scratch the front of the stamps, it smells of the popular Chinese dish and when the back of the stamp is licked it tastes of the dish too.

The stamps are on sale in China ahead of their New Year on February 18, reports Metro.

Royal Mail launched Britain’s first scratch ‘n’ sniff stamp in 2001 – they gave off eucalyptus aromas.

Source: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2150217.html?menu=

Thanks Sow for the link

13 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour Pork”

  1. So now when you crave for sweet and sour pork but you’re stuck in the office, you can now take out stamps and start licking them issit? Hahaha, can they come up with ice cream flavours? I want Haagen Daaz strawberry and chocolate flavoured stamps!

  2. I thought you made a typo when I read the first sentence. But if you’re hungry and then get to lick but not eat…isn’t that worse?

  3. sweet n sour smelling and tasting stamp? wth?? Chinese memang chinese..everything that walks eat edi, now everything that LIVES oso wanna eat edi..

  4. boob: if you tried the sweet and sour pork @ united, you may have a different perspective. tay can vouge for me!
    tay: YEAHHHH
    zhong: YEAH!! kah hoh bao tan!
    Epel: in thailand, they had rose flavoured stamp!
    Khinko: can can confirm can eat!
    Darren: mmmmm… babi
    d_D: haram ooo
    e-fly: keekeke i got no complains:P

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