Was it a Dirty Letter?

During my summer break one day, a British friend gave me a letter and told me to read it when I was on the plane back to Malaysia. He told me that besides a letter, he had written a story he would like me to be the first to read.
I read the story first, which didn’t make sense, and then the letter, which went something like this:

Dear bimbobum,
Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party the other day. I was very pleased that you came, and was especially pleased you sat beside me. Thank you for the box of chocolates! I am keeping it hidden in my drawer away from my wife.
You looked pretty that day. I liked your blouse. Your blouse was nice, but it didn’t obscure the shape of your breasts …

I can’t remember the rest of the letter.
As a young (and innocent) university student then, I was shocked by his bluntness. I was horrified!
My mum was not pleased when I repeated the details of the letter to her, neither was my aunt.
“Hmmph! What a dirty old man,” my aunt commented. “Better stay away from hamsup (perverted) old men.”
His letter scared me and I couldn’t help being affected by it, that I stopped being friends with him. He emailed to ask why I was avoiding him, and I told him. Why I found him scary, is because I started to wonder whether he preyed on Chinese girls as a hobby. I wasn’t the only Chinese girl he befriended – there were other girls from mainland China, Taiwan, etc who he’d go all out of the way to help them out.
I mean, what the hell, man, what if he had been checking out my breasts all the while we met up for coffee and while working on a project together??
At that time, he was 56 years old, so yes, my aunt labelled him a dirty old man.

24 thoughts on “Was it a Dirty Letter?”

  1. does sound terribly pervy for a 56 year old, but expecting a man to not sneak a peek at your tettet is like expecting a goat to survive a supernova with nothing but a badminton raquet 😐

  2. sow & endroo: goat? supernova? badminton racquet?? tettek??? which part of the entire paragraph is ‘politically correct??’ didnt say it didnt make sense though hahahahahah
    tetekbum: i must confess..the old man..it was me!

  3. Can I be quite blunt and at least say “good for you”?
    At the very least, you have the looks to make him appreciative. Some girls would never ever raise a man’s… interest in them 😛

  4. So am i to deduce that bimbobum’s mammary glands are anything but humble? 😀

  5. Oh please…stop talking about bimbobum breast.
    hmmm…all images of breast is popping up in my head now…lol
    Heard from somewhere on tv (can’t remember what I was watching) that males who play with their female partner’s breast, experience lower stress levels.
    No wonder why I‘am always stress, guess I have to play with my own nipples.

  6. Lainie: pick up line from a retiree is scary!
    boob_omatic: you sound like you’re watching porn …..
    wolfx: i is humble!
    Low: ah, thanks! it’s scary, yet complimentary? ahaha ;P
    tetekzing: so how old are you now lah?!
    calvin: agreed! even my dad told my mum to tell me not to go near that man ever!
    Khinko: i have no idea. maybe i just have nice shapely breasts?

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