sympathy pity sex

what is the correct phrase, i can’t bloody remember.pity sympathy sex” doesn’t sound all that right.
some people do it for the wrong reasons, but the only reason i can think of is – low self-esteem. the need to feel good about themselves, just by falling victim to a smooth talker, who somehow is there at the right time.
an old acquaintance out of the blue asked me if i’d consider sleeping with him. he said because he thinks (or thought?) i’m hot stuff. AHAHAHAHAHAHHA…. when i heard the proposal, i was wondering if i was actually that desperate to be ‘banged’ and ‘thank you, mam’-ed. *laughs maniacally* what actually came across my mind was that, he thought i was an easy prey – single and living alone. so the obvious choice would be to do it my place. hmmph.
but when it’s right after a break up, sleeping with that new ex can be rubbing salt to the wound, when the dumpee has not recovered from the heartache. and shit, it gives the dumper a reason to gloat over it. the power over the weak one……. how horrible. too emotional at that time, perhaps.
would you do it? pity sympathy sex, i mean.
ok, i am soooooo terribly sorry i haven’t been anywhere interesting lately, so i have no photo posts. and to avoid being accused of having a million and one ex-boyfriends, i shall try to avoid telling you stories of exes. ;P
anyway, to continue with the horrible Mr. Wong, what did my friend do with the information obtained from the beautician? she went back to the office the next working day and plotted her revenge. i call it revenge because he had been a bastard to try and turn her own secretary against her, when she’s been working longer in the company compared to him.
she decided to suggest to her boss to go to that parlour and request the beautician to give him (and his wife) a massage. and perhaps they’ll have the same conversation or something and taadaa, he’ll find out and realise what a jerk he has been.
but before she could put her plan to action, the boss found out the truth about Mr. Wong being gay. yes, there is nothing wrong with being gay, but let’s not forget that Mr. Wong bullshit a lot about having a girlfriend to everyone. the boss found out from his own friend.
damn small world la, even the boss eventually found out through his own friend!

19 thoughts on “sympathy pity sex”

  1. hey bimbo it seems like u are still kinda into your ex.. why dont u try dating again? flirt abit.. healthy flirting i mean.. πŸ™‚

  2. galFeRari: actually my friend and the boss only found out after he quit his job.
    Thrillseeker: haha. yup, it came to me this morning.
    blabla: =D i’m not la. AHAHAHHAAHAH of cos i got flirt what, and do casual dating. no interesting dates lately. ;P

  3. Call me at 1300-88-25-25 bimbobum, next time you’re feeling lonely. Just ask for Mr. WolFX and the operator will know what to do. πŸ˜‰
    I’ll make you feel like a woohmarn. Treat you bettar than any whiny-over-sensitive-stingy-mama’s boy. XD
    PS: Everytime I think Bimbobum, a pair of breasts come to mind….cause she never reveal face and that’s the only part of her she has revealed online…although i can’t recall if that picture was hers. XD

  4. aHahHAHAah…. will you come with pizza toppings?
    p.s. those were not my boobs! i almost put mine up but xes said i was vain and he didn’t want to puke his breakfast lunch dinner out. ;P

  5. Xes: DAMN YOU! πŸ˜›
    bimbobum: You can custom me. Extra creamy mayo…extra gooey cheese, extra salami to fill your mouth. Mmmmmm. πŸ˜€

  6. Hahahahah … Bimbo is trying to get dates thru XES’s website? Hmm.. xes, maybe you should start charging her for this service ler. hehehe ..

  7. Chuoming, yeah… thats the correct expression (mercy fuck). As a guest, I didn’t really wanna offend anyone by typing that at first. Now you brought it up. Yes, that is the correct expression. Eh.. but don’t force ppl to tell lar. She’ll tell if she wanna tell.
    Cheers. πŸ˜‰

  8. xes: hehehe. ok, u din exactly say it that way, but something along the lines. ;P hehehe.
    wolfx: …………………………….. i’m on a diet. ;P
    blabla: hehe. i’m kinda scared of hate mail. ;P
    soonho: hehehe. ya ya, xes so nice to me hor, help me find dates here. ;P of cos not laaaa. i’d still have to wear a paperbag over my head on dates.
    chuoming & endroo G: of cos not. the guy has a girlfriend! he was looking for new fuck buddies, i think. ;\

  9. bimbobum: Then you can have the vegetarian option. Filled with carrots, cucumbers, and zuchinnis. >:D

  10. bosanova: throw in some money into my begging bowl la, when u walk by ;P
    wolfx: domino’s vege pizza doesn’t taste good. pizza hut one tastes better. i’m hungry!!!!

  11. aiks…. reverse psychology!! haha. you sound too young, anyway ;\ i’m not 18, contrary to wat xes says. ;P

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