xes.cx – Awan Biru mix

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Featuring half an hour of hardstyle and acid!
1)Sa.Vee.Oh – Loop Hole
2)Nish – Sagitarius(Alphazone remix)
3)Pedro Ferarri and Del Mar – Ways of Love(Instrumental hard dance mix)
4)Mikesh – Sounds of Brutal Club
5)Chemistry – Heartbeat
6)Deepforces – Rock Your Club
7)Dj Lee – Fight Hard
8)Dj Unni – Tribute to Dance
9)Deepforces – Danger
10)Mario Lopez – The Sound of the City
11)Dj Goldfinger – Can’t Stop Me
12)Deepforces – Harder!
13)Jon Dentist and Ollie J – Feels so Good(Guyver remix)
14)Dj Pavo – Fuck Fucker
15)The Prophet – Emergency Call(Defcon 1 2005 anthem)
16)The Prophet – Wee Gan Stampuh 2006
17)Dj Zenith – Energy 2006
18)Hellboyz – Winners(Brainkicker remix)
19)John Fehris and Blutonium Boy – Hardstyle vs Acid
20)Surrounder – The Journey(Hardstyle mix)
21)Mental Theo vs Kubrik – Anthem


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  1. Basket you really put this name ar? ahahahahaha!!!! our place there got so many road name, so are you gonna put all of them?

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