AXE Deodorant


The new AXE deodorant body spray. It is a cross between a deodorant and a cologne. Extremely well known in overseas and recently introduced in Malaysia. It comes in a few ranges namely Axe Click, Axe Dark Temptation, Axe Vice, Axe Pulse and Axe Africa. The one on the picture is Axe Click.

You can check out their Facebook page and be a fan there. AXE is also well known for its funny commercials. I posted a few there!

Trying it out for my climbing workout. The bottle is quite unique. I have to twist the head down to open it. Press the top part and viola! fresh fragrance with an edge of spice!

Introducing the girlfriend. Hug her before I go climb. *for the purpose of this advertorial. The “girlfriend” here is fictional*


Taping my fingers before climb. Pulled the muscles in my fingers last year and had to go for physiotherapy. Have to tape it to ensure that my fingers hold well and won’t pop halfway.

Ripping the finger tape using my teeth.

All chalked and ready to go!

Climb climb climb

*sniff sniff*

My, my..hello there..’re smelling the wrong tree… numbers from all sorts of people, got Rachel and Cannes some without names..and one from Ah Fai and Ah Ping -_- Must be the awesome fresh fragrance with an edge of spice smell from Axe Click!

After climbing..met girlfriend back home and she found… “Call me..?”

*sound of paper being crunched*