Third payment from Nuffnang

Just as I was in dire need of funds to renovate my new house, I receive my 3rd cheque from Nuffnang. Last year’s advertorials were good. I was receiving two advertorials a month.

My parents passed me one of their houses to me. It’s a very old house and pretty run down. I had almost everything taken down and it costs me a bomb to re-fix the entire thing.

Many thanks to Nuffnang for the lifeline!

AXE Deodorant


The new AXE deodorant body spray. It is a cross between a deodorant and a cologne. Extremely well known in overseas and recently introduced in Malaysia. It comes in a few ranges namely Axe Click, Axe Dark Temptation, Axe Vice, Axe Pulse and Axe Africa. The one on the picture is Axe Click.

You can check out their Facebook page and be a fan there. AXE is also well known for its funny commercials. I posted a few there!

Trying it out for my climbing workout. The bottle is quite unique. I have to twist the head down to open it. Press the top part and viola! fresh fragrance with an edge of spice!

Introducing the girlfriend. Hug her before I go climb. *for the purpose of this advertorial. The “girlfriend” here is fictional*


Taping my fingers before climb. Pulled the muscles in my fingers last year and had to go for physiotherapy. Have to tape it to ensure that my fingers hold well and won’t pop halfway.

Ripping the finger tape using my teeth.

All chalked and ready to go!

Climb climb climb

*sniff sniff*

My, my..hello there..’re smelling the wrong tree… numbers from all sorts of people, got Rachel and Cannes some without names..and one from Ah Fai and Ah Ping -_- Must be the awesome fresh fragrance with an edge of spice smell from Axe Click!

After climbing..met girlfriend back home and she found… “Call me..?”

*sound of paper being crunched*


My second payment from Nuffnang

w00t! My 2nd cheque from Nuffnang!

When I received my first Nuffnang cheque, I used it as down payment for my mother’s car. This time round, I am also spending it on a new car. As most people would say, it is not wise to spend too much money on a car. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to replace my car as its getting too old. People will soon know me as the lawyer who drives the noisy worn down Satria.

The sum of RM7K is actually quite small compared to juggernaut lifestyle bloggers like Kennysia, Nicolekiss, Cheesie, fourfeetnine, ShaolinTiger, KY and so on. These bloggers probably have made 5 to 6 digits from their blogs. is a small blog compared to theirs.

For the benefit of blogger who haven’t made their 5 digits and also non bloggers, advertorials are the most lucrative source of income for bloggers. One advertorial could range from few hundreds to few thousands.

However, writing advertorials is no easy task. It involves a lot of creativity in a short span of time. Usually, we are given less than a week to write an advertorial.

Getting a brief to write advertorial is not an easy task. Most of the time it depends on your traffic and sometimes, your rapport with the blog advertising agency or media agency.

On another note, income made from blog is taxable. I dread the time to pay tax this year.

My first payment from Nuffnang



1) Payment Rates for both Cost Per Unique Visitor and Cost-Per-Click.
The less ads a blogger has on his blog, the higher share of voice and the less each ad will have to compete with other ads for attention. Hence, the higher the CTR and the higher the value of that particular ad space on the blog.

That is why for example you will never see 8 different ads on the same page on a newspaper unless it’s in the Classifieds where each advertiser pays a small amount.

As a result of that, Glitterati Nuffnangers will earn 20-40% more than ordinary Nuffnangers.

2) Payment Terms
In the advertising industry just like in many industries, payment from advertisers come from specific terms like 60 or 90 days. In the past, Nuffnang has used its cash reserves to pay off bloggers for campaigns that we still have not been paid for by our clients. Due to the great increase of bloggers in the Nuffnang community, we are no longer able to provide this service for all our Nuffnangers and unfortunately will have to restrict this service to Nuffnang Glitterati.

However, all Nuffnangers will still be paid in a timely manner as stipulated in the Program Table.

3) Advertorial Opportunities
Many bloggers know that while banner ad campaigns earn a decent stable income, it is advertorials that pay the most. Each advertorial depending on the advertiser, commitment and traffic can earn a blogger a minimum of RM 50 to RM 1,500 not including freebies that may sometimes be included.

In the past, advertorial opportunities were available for all our Nuffnangers. However, due to the high demand for advertorials and the need for us to narrow down which blogger of the thousands will get advertorials, only exclusive bloggers will now be eligible for advertorials.

4) Community Events
Nuffnang is known to organize the biggest community events ever which range from free movie screenings, lunch meet ups and many more. We find that in many of these events, many Nuffnangers would like to bring guests along with them and we at Nuffnang would like to oblige as much as we can.

As such, 70% of the seats for each event will be allocated to Nuffnang Glitterati AND the guests they may bring.

5) Contests
Contests among Nuffnangers have been something we’ve been having quite a lot with many bloggers winning everything from free meals at Friday’s to mobile phones or even the upcoming contest of a free trip to Gold Coast. With the high demand for these contests, we will give priority to Nuffnang Glitterati with 70% of the prizes to be allocated to them and the remaining 30% to be allocated to non-Nuffnang Glitterati.

6) Innit
Innit is a tool developed and hosted by Nuffnang to add the additional service of driving traffic to any Nuffnang blog. This tool will now only be restricted to Nuffnang Glitterati since it is within our best interest of our community not to indirectly drive any traffic to a future competing network.

The vast majority of the Nuffnang Community is already eligible for the exclusive program so there isn’t much to worry about. All of us at Nuffnang sincerely hope that this new initiative will show how much we do appreciate your loyalty.

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