My Birthday 2012

A little leap from the big three O. I turned 31 in September.

What made it better is that it’s different from last year. Last year, I was working for someone, unmarried and working hard to save the little money I get from my salary so that I can save up for a house. Then I realize the few hundred bucks a month can’t get me anywhere. 

Early this year, I got married and started my own law firm. I never looked back.

But this years birthday parties were not as massive as the years before, there was once I had 5 parties.

This year round, my wife organized a little gathering at our house. She took the pain to decorate our food. It was a social media themed party.

The gang

By the way, she’s starting a party decoration eCommerce website soon. So watch this space. 

My former colleagues threw a potluck cum birthday party at TY & YS’s house.

It was also Alfred’s, TY & YS’s son, birthday hence we shared the cake. I ate so much that my stomach also exploded. 

My former High school friends and hengtais had a BBQ at WK’s house to celebrate the September babies birthday. I was late as I had to attend a wedding dinner. I didn’t see much of the party but I did cut the birthday cake with the September babies.

Ever since my first year in university, my Sheffield University mates would throw a birthday party for me. Well, most of them have moved to Singapore. One even became a Singaporean.

Janet tried to organize a dinner but only KF, his wife and son could make it. But our little pot luck party turned fine. Thanks Big Ass J.

My parents no longer like to travel far for birthday dinners. At one point, we went to Klang for dinner every birthday. Then it became nearer. We went to Mid Valley instead. And this year, it’s even nearer. We went to Seri Petaling, about 5 minutes drive from the house. Dinner was at a Chinese coffee shop. Short and sweet dinner. 

At this age, news of friends’ parents passing away have become often. But I am glad that both my parents and my wife are able to be with me on my birthday. 

Thank you everyone for the wishes. I look forward to 2013!

My Birthday 2010 – Part II

Well, my birthday post is not complete without a posting on this particular gift.

My buddies got me an awesome gift for my birthday. It came with a rather “cute” wrapper.

My buddies knew I got a new iPhone 4 hence they got me a iPhone dock. It’s a speaker cum radio 😀 It also can act as a battery charger.

It fits my iPhone 4 perfectly.

Even my iPad! But the problem is that it doesn’t charge my iPad’s battery. Non Apple iPhone battery charger doesn’t work on iPad.

The highlight of the present was actually the awesome birthday card.

29 years old baby boy -_-

Hand drawn Doraemon! With dokodemo-doa (pintu suka hati) innit! Totemo daisukiiiiii~ arigatou gozaimasu!

My Birthday 2010

As I get older, I thought this year’s birthday will be a quiet one. But I was so wrong.

It started with a nice dinner with A at Favola, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

Thereafter, we attended a surprise birthday party for one of my high school friends, Cross. His girlfriend gathered a group of us and gave us a custom made shirt with the words, “Turning 30 but obviously not the waist line!”.

We got a barrel of beer. It came with an interesting ice box cum beer dispenser.

Cross’ girlfriend also got him an awesome cake. BMW shaped cake!

But it was involved in an accident with Cross’ face…

So after a few beers and flaming Lamborghini, we went wild.

Since it was also Kiang, Elaine and my birthdays, we had to drink extra and hell broke loose thereafter. There were a lot of “brotherly” love. Heh

A week thereafter, my parents, A and I had dinner at Purple Cane restaurant to celebrate my birthday. A and I brought my mum here on Mother’s Day and my Mum suggested that we go there again. It was Dad’s first time there. Dad bought me a book entitled “Renegate – the making of a President” by Richard Wolffe.

After dinner, I bought drinks for my hengtais at Somo. After ordering a bottle a Moet champagne, the manager came to my table and wished me happy birthday. She then gave us some complimentary finger food and also a Flaming Lamborghini. -_-

We also ordered 3 sets of “Tokyo Rush”. Tasted horrible.

The total damage was RM1K plus. Ouch..

2 days later, my ex-Sheffield Unimates gathered to have lunch. It is my 9th year celebrating my birthday with them. Thanks to our permanent organising committee comprising of Big Ass J and Mitciao.

I used to have this practice of keeping all birthday wishes but I got a little bit lazy and scrapped it this year. One thing I notice is that birthday wishes now come vide Facebook and Twitter. I used to get a lot of them vide text messages and IM (msn msg, IRC) messages. This year, such messages were less than 10!

Looks like times have changed.