Tow Kee Hakka Noodles @ Seremban 1

In conjunction of the Deepavali holidays, the makan team headed to Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan for their unique dishes.

Other than Seremban Siew Pao, Seremban is also well known for their unique Hakka Noodles. Hakka noodle is made of flat noodles served with minced pork in a thick clear sauce.

Our first destination was Tow Kee Hakka Noodles. According to, the said shop existed since 1930s.

The said coffeeshop is located along Jalan Lee Kim Chiap, directly opposite the Seremban post office. It’s a small shop with limited seating space. Their service was terrible – slow and unfriendly. We waited for almost 20 minutes for our noodles to arrive.

Nevertheless, their Hakka noodle was excellent. The texture of the noodles was soft but chewy. If you have time to spare in Seremban and is able to tolerate bad service, head down to Tow Kee Coffeeshop for their Hakka noodles. Alternatively, you may head to another Hakka Noodles stall at the Seremban Wet Market.

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Sotong Mee Hoon (Cuttlefish Noodles) @ Seremban Market

Many thanks to Cheese for introducing this delicacy to me. I’ve been sick of Seremban’s beef noodles and Hakka noodles. Now with this new delicacy, I will have more will power to wake up early to travel to Seremban Court.

To Cheese: why does your noodles have more sotong than mine?!

The noodles come soupy, with pieces of fried beefpork and cuttlefish on top. The taste is quite unique. In fact, it’s quite good. And it’s only RM3!

The stall is located at the top floor of the Seremban wet market, at the section next to the section where the famous Sin Kee beef noodles stall is located (facing the post office)