Korean Transvestites vs. Chinese Transvestites

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As the title says, the ‘ladies’ in the pictures you see here are not
women, but men. For me, I still can’t believe the beautiful ladies are
men!!! How can Korean men be so beautiful! >_< But for the chinese ones. . . Well, have to ask them to try harder lah or give up and jump into the sea. Here's a warning: Whatever you do, DON'T look at the crotch area of the man in the yellow dress. It's . . . Disgusting 😛 Right, that's all for now, cheers! 🙂 Alicia @ Applegal http://applechicken.blogspot.com

Great example of Korean transvestite.

Lee Kyung-eun (popularly known as Ha Ri-su) (born 17 February 1975) is a singer, TV star and actress from South Korea. She has become particularly well known in Taiwan and mainland China, as well as Korea, after being the first Korean entertainer to come out as being transsexual.

Ha Ri-su was born in Seongnam, just outside of Seoul. In 1997-98, he moved to Japan and transitioned to become female, surgically. While there, she began studying to become a hairdresser, and began singing in Japanese clubs. It was while singing in Japan that she got her first break, being recruited by an agent in 1999. In 2001, she formally changed her name to Ha Ri-su, just before featuring in an advertisement for Korean cosmetics company DoDo. The company were unsure of the reaction the advertisement would have, but it was well-received, and ended up launching her career.

Since then, Harisu has branched out into music and acting, among other things. She has recorded three musical albums, switching between techno and rhythm and blues. In 2001, she starred in the film Yellow Hair 2, for which she also recorded the soundtrack. Ha Ri-su has also had brief forays into other areas – having danced in a video clip for the group ‘Turbo’, as well as having written a book/photoessay about herself. In 2004, she became the first known transsexual person, anywhere in the world, to feature in an advertisement for women’s hygiene products.

Her current stage name is a Korean adaptation of the phrase ‘hot issue’.

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Harisu when ‘she’ was young.

Hence now we present you the Chinese trannies..

Years under communist rule, the Chinese trannies couldnt not afford gender reassignment operations..

* this post serves no insult to any transvestites. Please dont beat us up when you see us on the streets..