Thailand’s Got Talent

If you have not seen this, please do. It’s awesomee!

According to the comments posted, the singer’s name is Bell Nuntita, aka Nuntrita “Bell” Khampriranon (เบลล์ นันทิตา), 27 years old. Here’s a translation of what was said in the video – which I obtained from one of the commentors:

After finishing her song..

1st judge – You fool me right from the moment we met…How is it possible??

2nd Judge – She is pretty right??

Crowd – Yes very pretty…

2nd Judge – I have to say that she had talent too… I had a shock on the 2nd part of the song…Everyone were like Hey !!! What do you think ??

3rd Judge – I still believe in my instinct…My sensor said that she isn’t like what i saw…

3rd Judge- When she started singing (female voice) i thought i was wrong but on the 2nd part of the song i know that my instinct was right from the start.

When the 2 MCs hugged Bow.

2nd Judge – I am so jealous, the two male host knew me for 10 years and never hug me before..

During Bow’s interview-

I was teased a lot…several nicknames

But we also had to bear with it all along.

My father can’t accept who i am…

The bad part is my father even beat me in hoping that I will change back to normal….

I wanted to tell Dad, that I love you very much and i finally did it !

Coincidentally, I have a few blog posts on transgenders. One of my highest read entries is the There’s something about Miriam entry.

Here’s Miriam!

Then followed by Hari-su and Nong Poy


Nong Poy

And our very own Malaysian Jessie Chung..

On a serious note, BFM radio interviewed Nisha, the coordinator at the PT Foundation’s transgender programme, about her experiences of living as a transgender individual in Malaysia. Listen to her experience being imprisoned for wearing ladies’ clothes.

Bimbobum’s pictures.

Well, some of you may not know that bimbobum is actually a model 😀

A tranny tooo!

Unfortunately, the above pictures are not pictures of bimbobum 😛 Those are pictures of Nong Poy, which I received from a forwarded email 😀

Nong Poy, a Thai, had a sex change operation at the age of 17. She hit the lime light when she won the Miss Ti fanny Competition (a beauty contest for transvestite) when she was 19.

She’s probably the hottest Ah Kua I’ve seen! zomg!!

Clubbing on Sunday

I always have this perception that Sunday is gay night for most clubs in Kuala Lumpur It would be the night where house music is played – sweaty topless men grind with each other on the dance floor and shaking like sotongs (cuttlefish). However, I never clubbed on Sunday hence it was purely assumptions.
Recently, I found one event on Facebook – held on Sunday at one of the famous clubs in Kuala Lumpur. The flyer was rather intriguing. It had a picture of a naked man with a suggestive title that indicates that the event is only for men.

I went through their “Confirm Guest” List and I notice that most of them are guys – pretty boys and muscular.

Some of the attendees’ Facebook profiles were open and on their “Interested in” section, it was stated “Men”.

And I was invited to this event -_-


Notwithstanding the above, the thing that interests me is the DJ of the night, DJ Ann Ang.

According to her Facebook, she said she’s a DJ based in KL and a ladyboy.


Ladyboy or not, she is no doubt a good DJ. This is evident from the mixes that she posted on her IMEEM. Makes me wanna take off my shirt and dance like sotong!! YEAAA!!!

Just kidding.

Cream (Princess Ann vs Robbie Rivera Re-Tribal Mix).mp3 – Federico Franchi

Sandy Lam – Diva (Princess Ann Tribal Mix).mp3 –

The Nighttrain 2008 (Princess Ann vs JR Triba-Up Mix) – D.O.N.S & DBN feat Kadoc
Tribal mixes – Great build up and execution!

Check out:
Her Facebook for info. Don’t bother adding her if you’re not a PLU (people like us, a gay slang denoting homosexual individuals)
Her Imeem for more music!

Jessie Chung – Loving You (New Release)

Malaysian Jessie Chung made the headlines last year by marrying her boyfriend Joshua Beh in a lavish wedding ceremony was held at a five-star hotel attended by 800 friends and relatives in Kuching.

Now, she once again made it to the newspaper with her newest album “Loving you”. Her previous two albums A Heart Filled With Love and There Is Decision were recorded six to eight years ago when she was still physically a man.

Chung, whose original name was Jeffrey, underwent three operations to become a woman three years ago.

More info at:-
Jessie Chung Official website:-

Definately another Malaysia Boleh moment.

Definately another zomG! moment too.

Korean Transvestites vs. Chinese Transvestites

A contribution from fellow reader, Applegal @

Hi, Xes! 😀
I received this via email, thought you might like to post it up on
your site ^_^ Hope you’ll enjoy the initial photographs, bwahahaha 😉
As the title says, the ‘ladies’ in the pictures you see here are not
women, but men. For me, I still can’t believe the beautiful ladies are
men!!! How can Korean men be so beautiful! >_< But for the chinese ones. . . Well, have to ask them to try harder lah or give up and jump into the sea. Here's a warning: Whatever you do, DON'T look at the crotch area of the man in the yellow dress. It's . . . Disgusting 😛 Right, that's all for now, cheers! 🙂 Alicia @ Applegal

Great example of Korean transvestite.

Lee Kyung-eun (popularly known as Ha Ri-su) (born 17 February 1975) is a singer, TV star and actress from South Korea. She has become particularly well known in Taiwan and mainland China, as well as Korea, after being the first Korean entertainer to come out as being transsexual.

Ha Ri-su was born in Seongnam, just outside of Seoul. In 1997-98, he moved to Japan and transitioned to become female, surgically. While there, she began studying to become a hairdresser, and began singing in Japanese clubs. It was while singing in Japan that she got her first break, being recruited by an agent in 1999. In 2001, she formally changed her name to Ha Ri-su, just before featuring in an advertisement for Korean cosmetics company DoDo. The company were unsure of the reaction the advertisement would have, but it was well-received, and ended up launching her career.

Since then, Harisu has branched out into music and acting, among other things. She has recorded three musical albums, switching between techno and rhythm and blues. In 2001, she starred in the film Yellow Hair 2, for which she also recorded the soundtrack. Ha Ri-su has also had brief forays into other areas – having danced in a video clip for the group ‘Turbo’, as well as having written a book/photoessay about herself. In 2004, she became the first known transsexual person, anywhere in the world, to feature in an advertisement for women’s hygiene products.

Her current stage name is a Korean adaptation of the phrase ‘hot issue’.

mmmm… aunty trannie?

Too muscular..

Too cute!! *foams from mouth*

I think the scarf is to cover his adam’s apple..

I hope nobody started fapping… *fapfapfapfapfap*
Harisu when ‘she’ was young.

Hence now we present you the Chinese trannies..

Years under communist rule, the Chinese trannies couldnt not afford gender reassignment operations..

* this post serves no insult to any transvestites. Please dont beat us up when you see us on the streets..

There’s something about Miriam

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you..


w00t w0000ttttt…before you guys start fapping…

She’s actually a guy… 😀

Something about Miriam ended on Sunday (shown on British TV). It showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

Transsexual Miriam Rejected by Reality Show Winner

By Jennifer Sym, PA News

The pre-op transsexual wooed by six unsuspecting men in a controversial reality dating show is rejected by the winner in the final show tonight.

There’s Something About Miriam, broadcast on Sky One, showed six men competing for the affections of Miriam, who they thought was a women.

But the Mexican 22-year-old was born a man and, when her secret was revealed, she was called untrustworthy and deceitful by the winner, lifeguard Tom.

He initially agreed to go on the cruise, despite being mocked by the other contestants.

But he later changed his mind, saying: “I wouldn’t want to spend a week on a boat with someone I couldn’t trust, someone who’s deceived me and everybody else.”

In the final show tonight, to be broadcast at 9pm, viewers see Miriam choosing Tom over martial arts instructor Scott as the winner of £10,000 and a week together on a luxury cruise.

Scott said before being told “I do like surprises”, and added: “I’ve met someone that I do really like. I feel more for her every time I see her. I would love to spend the week with her”.

But after she was revealed as a pre-operative transsexual, he said: “Now I don’t respect her one bit.”

Earlier in the show, viewers had seen both Tom and Scott penning love poetry to the model in their attempts to court her.

A show spokesman described the declaration as “difficult” for Miriam, who had formed close bonds with the contestants, all of whom were stunned by the news.

She said she had enjoyed Tom’s company: “

He always makes me happy, this has been a whole new experience for me. I’ve had such a great time and I would never forget this moment.”

The broadcasting of the show had initially been delayed after the six contestants threatened legal action.

They received payouts after deciding to take their case to the High Court in an attempt to ban Sky from screening the show after they only learned at the end that Miriam was not a woman.

The men received an undisclosed sum last month to drop their threat of court action.

Sky also apologised for “any upset caused” to the contestants, who made a number of allegations against Sky One and production company Brighter Pictures, including conspiracy to sexual assault, defamation, personal injury and breach of contract.

In return, Sky, which had shelved There’s Something About Miriam, pending possible legal action, was able to transmit the controversial reality show.

The show was actually done many months ago but was halted due to threat of legal law suits by the contestants. However, the men were paid a substantial amount to compansate them..

The six straight men who sued to prevent the broadcast of an UK reality show in which, unbeknownst to them, they competed for the affection of a preoperative Mexican transsexual quickly got over their claims of injury and public humiliation in return for a cash payment, clearing the way for the program to debut on UK television last evening.

The undisclosed settlement — which various reports pegged at anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 a man — followed November 2003’s lawsuit over the previously scheduled broadcast of the series. which had been filmed earlier in the year in Ibiza.

At the end of the show, when the program had its “grand reveal” and the men found out that the “gorgeous creature” Miriam wasn’t a gorgeous female, they went bonkers. One of the men, a Royal Marine, supposedly broke down crying from the “humiliation” when the deception was revealed … and, according to reports, some of the production crew sympathized with the men’s reaction and turned on Endemol and British network BSkyB, a sister network to Fox in the U.S., which was planning to air the show.

And oh yeah..she didnt have her ‘thingie’ below removed..euww..

Excerpt from the last episode where Miriam tells the contestants that she is a man.