Nadeje Cafe @ Melaka

As mentioned in my earlier post, A and I headed to Nadeje cafe to try out their famous Mille Crepe.

According to my colleague, Nadeje has two outlets. One located in Dataran Pahlawan and another one in Plaza Mahkota. I was told that the latter is better but we decided to go to the former asQ it was convenient to us.

The outlet at Dataran Pahlawan is located on the 1st floor. We were greeted with a row of cakes consisting of a variety of Mille Crepe.

It was rather hot as the air condition of the cafe was down. The waiter guided us to a table with two flies perching on the table. We had to shoo the flies ourselves -___-

A asked whether there were any seat that is cooler. The lousy waiter said, “It’s all the same”.

Notwithstanding the lousy service and flies, we ordered a slice of banana chocolate mille crepe and also a slice of original mille crepe.

I must say that Nadeje’s mille crepe is not bad. Some people say that their mille crepe is better than the one served at Food Foundry. However, to me, they taste the same. Perhaps I should try the mille crepe in Plaza Mahkota before judging them. Or perhaps the quality of their mille crepe has deteriorated after the departure of their Chef, Amos. Read The Downfall of Nadeje Patisserie by JasonMumbles for more information.

The best mille crepe I tried so far in Malaysia is the one from Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I’m not sure whether they serve it in one of the cafes in Shangri-la Hotel as I got the cake for free when I became a member of the Shangri-la Rewards Program. Their strawberry mille crepe was awesome!

Anyway, if you’re in Melaka and would like to try Mille crepe, the map to their outlets are below:

Food Foundry @ Petaling Jaya

Ever since I tried the Mille Crepe at Licia’s birthday 2 weeks ago, I was craving it for since. A Mille Crepe is a French cake made of many layers of crepes. Each later of crepe is topped with cream.

So the makan team made a trip to Food Foundry to satisfy my craving. Getting to the place is no easy task. It’s located in a residential area. To get there, we had to pass through loads of houses until we reach a block of flats.

Food Foundry serves 3 types of crepes, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Immediately after getting a seat, we ordered their Vanilla Mille Crepe.

After attacking our Vanilla Mille crepe, we ordered the food foundry chicken chop and carbonara. I must say those dishes were forgettable and disappointing.

To rectify our disappointment, we ordered another Mille crepe. This time round, chocolate Mille crepe! The feeling of having cream and crepe melting in your mouth was orgasmic.

On another note, check out other types of Mille Crepe in the world!

Overall, I must say that their Mille crepes were commendable. However, their other dishes were not so good. It seems that from the other blogs I read, they all say the same thing. Looks like this place will serve as a dessert place for me.


BG-8 Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, 46300
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7955 3885
(Open from 10.30 am to 9 pm from Mondays to Fridays, Open from 9 am to 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays.)

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