Taiwanese Sausage @ Ming Tien, Taman Megah

There’s a stall in Ming Tien Taman Megah which sells Taiwanese sausages. One should try their Spicy sausage. It is super duper spicy.

Since Gavin is back from Australia for a short holiday, we bought him a piece of spicy sausage for him.

Big it up for GavinTan! *clap clap clap* *standing ovation*


Get set

After one bite… chinese tea #2

Gavin – after touching his eyes with his hand….which had chilli flakes from the spicy sausage. AGAIN. He did the same when he was back in Malaysia last time.

16 thoughts on “Taiwanese Sausage @ Ming Tien, Taman Megah”

  1. ehh… I remember long time ago, before he went over to OZ we conned gavin too at the same place, the same taiwan sausage…. don’t tell me he got con again……..

  2. Darren: LOL i read that too
    karheng: GG..pig’s dick..
    irenehai: HAHAHAH YAYA
    efly: I think Big Ben can eat it like a chocolate bar
    wolfx: kekeke

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