When He Broke Up With Me

Being someone who cries at romantic gestures in movies is sometimes a disadvantage. Sometimes I hate being a softie.
I remember in the past when boyfriends broke up with me:
1. avoided me and my phone calls, acted like I no longer existed;
2. called me on the phone one day and said, “I don’t like you anymore. Sorry.”
3. asked his friend to inform me that he had a new girlfriend.

When it’s the least expected, I’d spend afternoons and nights in my room crying my heart out, as if I would just die, without that particular boy as my boyfriend. Sometimes I’d even burst into tears and cried in class – yes, I’m talking about high school – til my friends and classmates had to console me.
Gradually it got better. Crying does help.
And then, it’s self-control – I had to restrain myself from cornering him in school or calling him on the phone, and screeching, “WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?? why you don’t want me anymoreeeeeeeeee?” like a mad woman.
My friends stuck by me most of time, kept me company and did their to distract me. Walking around in shopping malls, bowling, staying over and just talking and doing homework together. I don’t know if they thought I was the suicidal type, but it was good that they kept me distracted. After a while, I didn’t focus on my hurt or “broken heart” anymore.
I stopped being friends with him, of course. Hehe. Walked around school and pretended not to know him.
Moping about the past doesn’t really help. It makes things worse by playing 20 questions with yourself, wondering why the “relationship” didn’t work out. I ate so much chocolates and junk food to fill in the void in me that I ended up putting on weight and having pimples. Ha! Such is life.
Suicide is not an option!
Hanging out with friends is the best distraction.

16 thoughts on “When He Broke Up With Me”

  1. Yeah! Suicide is always never an option! Besides hanging out with frens, there’s loads to do like. Best is go for a short holiday 😉

  2. DKBU: but when you’re a high school student, you don’t have a say in that leh!
    leesh: exactly. that’s the solution for adults. 😉
    iv’N & karheng: *burp* wanna challenge me to a bottoms up x10? hehe.
    blah: what’s wrong with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? ;P

  3. It’s all right to be a softie as long as you don’t hurt anybody around you, right? And as long as you’re strong through the tough times. Don’t need to try and act cool or heartless or like a heroine because that’ll only be pretending which won’t work. Just be yourself, a’ight? 🙂
    As for your ex, he does not deserve you nor any other girl for that matter if he treats women with such disrespect. That’s damn cowardly, and it’s good to hear you have supportive friends.
    Anyway, it’s all in the past. If you see him in the future though, be sure to look sexy, confident, and give him the middle finger as you walk by! XD

  4. Luxifer: come laaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;P
    p.s. emo leh. i haven’t written super sad posts yet, hehe, so you dunno lor.
    Applegal: right on! but i haven’t bumped into them. high school = didn’t they say that’s just puppy love? 😉
    David: well, while ‘waiting’, you have to be distracted so that the mind doesn’t wander to … the past? 😉

  5. I always had this thought….why kill yourself when you can kill the person causing you grief?
    And the next day after imagining 1001 ways on how to kill that person in my mind, i feel much better.

  6. My most memorable breakup was when an idiot ex told me “sorry I cannot love you” followed by “who ask u to come into my life anyway??” He made it seem as if our relationship didn’t exist! I hope he gets premature hair loss followed by a great big trunk crashing on his head. 😛

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