Tell me I’m Cute

I don’t understand how some girls are not tired of acting cute. Isn’t tiresome to be something you’re not? In most cases, of course. If you’re really hot looking, you needn’t act cute, you know. And if you write really well. But that’s my humble opinion. ;P
I’m sure everyone has come across tons of blogs packed with cutey-pie pictures which are posted on the blogs for no particular reason at all. Like, EVERY POST will have their cutey-tooty-fruity-pie pictures, they can pose in bed, in the loo, in the car, everywhere.
beh tahan.
So I decided that because I’m an ugly girl/guy/both and I’m desperate for attention, I want to act cute as well. To have loads of attention from perverts so that they can dream of me before they sleep. ooh, baby. ;P
Some of the poses include:

1. point finger to cheek
Which means: Yes, please see my imaginary dimple. I’m cute, aren’t I? You just want to pinch my cute cheeks, right? Say it! SAY I’M CUTE!!

2. the V-sign or Peace sign
Which means: I just want World Peace. Yes, I really do. Peace out y’all, weee…
(oh, borrowed someone’s hand for that pose)

3. the L-sign below or at chin
Which means: I don’t know what the f*ck this means but everyone does it so I wanna do it as well. *rubs imaginary beard*
(Probably just hiding a volcano sized pimple, if you ask me)

4. bite finger with an innocent look
Which means: I know you want me.. And because I’m so innocent, the more you want me… Don’t you just want to get into my panties? *Rrrr* *licks own finger to give suggestive thoughts*

5. the OK sign
Which means: …………………….. Hie ………………………………….. I’M CUTE OK!!!!
There. Sick and tired of my cute poses? Beh tahan? No? But you can’t!
You should realise the purpose of my post.
Say it!
SAY IT!!!!!
Tell me that I’m cute and you’ll vote for me as one of the hottest bloggers.
Say you’ll love me long, long time!
aHahAHahahah ;P

See, I still look good without make-up.
(Oops, I left the cam-whore mode on….)

Have a good week ahead! ;P

43 thoughts on “Tell me I’m Cute”

  1. hahah I’m a frequent visitor of
    and I must say this is one of the most hilarious
    post I’ve ever read. Very true too =D
    This is definately better than frank_omatic’s posts about public toilets last time. (he has a
    very weird sense of humour)
    Keep it up bimbobum, you should be paid for this!

  2. -?-: thanks! it’s a tough job, you know. quite stressful. 😉
    xes: and all guestbloggers should be paid, aHahahah ;P
    yvonne & rych: SAY I’M CUTE DAMMIT!!!!!! you break my heart…. ;P

  3. you are cute. *clears throat*
    these cutey-pie pictures are more to be seen in their friendsters. lol.
    seriously beh tahan.

  4. thanks Mei! you’re cute, too! ;P
    aHahAHhaHAHAha, zhong say i cute like wanna die like that. ;P just joking, don’t worry, not a life and death situation. ;P
    yup, friendster is full of those, too.

  5. yeah… that’s old news man. in fact, that’s not news at all!
    yeah!! bimbobum’s the next hottest thing around! 😀 Woohoo!

  6. xes: wait la… i put up baboon pics next time. hmmph. ;P
    endroo G: AHaHahAHhahAHaH i know (bout the guy posers)! no la, sometimes the cute posers can be overboard.
    hmm.. how come no guy has come forward to confess being addicted to those cute poses….

    Btw…ur thumbs are always on the inside if ur hand is facing out palmwards….;P

  8. karheng: that’s why i said i borrowed someone’s hand for it. for the peace sign. all are correct la. you think it’s easy to take pictures with paperbag over the head or not? i can show you my missed shots and you’d laugh until you cry. ;P
    thanks for your confession!

  9. hahahaha……..oH whoops…was looking at the photos and main captions…not reading the fine print. hahahaa…but….the fingers on ur ‘borrowed’ hand are the same ones as those on all the other pics?
    oH and sometimes ur face round a bit, sometimes flat one leh? ;P
    how come ar?

  10. you go and do the OK sign and tell me if wrong or not. ;P the paperbag was too big. dunno la, why look so flat…
    i should open a friendster account and put these photos and see if i get 579++ friends cos i’m cute. aHahaHHa. i doubt that.
    next time i’ll be using sound effects. aHahaha. but i need voice volunteers.. i just write the script.

  11. omg bimbobum, i think u might be the pioneer of “paper-bag pr0n” on the net. Think about the kinkiness factor banging a person whose head is in a paper bag. XD
    You get aphysxiation pleasure for free too. XD
    *shoots self*

  12. Hmm….let’s see how many perverts appear up when u do that…hahahaah…yaya…paper bag fake orgasm video…ask fank to do the voiceover! ahahah

  13. heyyy, there’s another pose where they’re actually using all the five fingers one! then they will place their hand somewhere between their cheeks and ears 😛 right right?

  14. winkris: xes refused to pose for me. ;P
    wolfx: yikes… youtube no videos on that? i’m sure there is, right? if none, i’ll go make one!
    karheng: don’t know what happened to the fella la… hmm… and why you prefer his voice to xes? ;P
    julie: too many poses to keep track of. isit the one with the pretend shocked look with mouth open and hand on cheek? ;P
    didi: i’m not a copycat, thanks very much. i think everyone reads so many blogs nowadays, and so many people pose this way that it’s not uncommon to actually remember the poses. THEREFORE there are many who make fun of these people. 😉

  15. bimbobum: seriously la, i think can start looking for sponsors and adverts to support the site. and the extras must be credited to YOU

  16. This bimbobum is so bloody hot!
    I would love to meet her in real life.. and
    we could sail over the seven seas, sip champagne in the gaze of moonlight and dine alongside
    the dolphins…
    oohh..(kneels) bimbobum be mine….

    didi : bugger how can u say our bimbobum copied kennysia ah??/ SHOW PROOF.
    zhong: help me find. i give u commission keke

  18. zhong: hehe. if u can get me any, commission certainly will be paid to you 😀 of course, legal business la. dowan tai yi lung advertisements.

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