Batu Pahat & Muar, Johor Bahru – 27.6.2006 Part I

Once again, my job required me to travel out of town to attend court. This time round, Batu Pahat, a small town 4-5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur.
Driving there is one dangerous task. Due to the fact that I have to travel at night on the pitch dark trunk roads, I almost crashed my car into the jungle. With all these outstation tasks, NO MORE CUTI CUTI MALAYSIA FOR ME (No travelling within the country for pleasure)
And the worst part was, after travelling 400KM, fighting fatigue, risking my life and reaching in the middle of the night, I realised that I forgot the bring my socks. FAK LA I HAD TO GOTO COURT SOCKLESS
I stayed at one 4 star hotel by the name Hotel Katerine. It SUCKED. The room smells of stale beer. Also no cable tv for me to watch the Australia v Italy football match. Further, it took me half an hour to figure out how to turn on the lights. I had to whip out the room manual to figure things out.

Batu Pahat, view from hotel room. Flat.

I met up with Lynnzter at Muar on the next day. It’s about 1 hour away from Batu Pahat. Muar is one old town but doesn’t have many attractions.

Lynnzter brought me around the town and also buying me food. We first stopped at one place selling chicken rice balls at Muar town. The chicken rice ball was excellent, better than the one in Melaka. The rice balls are larger (but only 2 pieces) and it has more chicken. Eating it with otak-otak made it even more delicious!

In Muar town, there are a few streets that were painted in particular colours such as yellow, blue and PINK. And I heard that the buildings on those streets are required to adhere to the colour rules or face fine.
After having chicken rice balls, we had rojak and ABC (shaved ice). It was so-so.

Ah Lai lojak!!

ABC…d e f g h

Rojak & ABC. Okay I know both of them doesnt really compliment each other.
To be continued.. journey to the land of thousand monkeys..

25 thoughts on “Batu Pahat & Muar, Johor Bahru – 27.6.2006 Part I”

  1. i was in batu pahat during the france-spain n brazil-ghana matches. small town with mitshubishi lifts with onli OPEN button. no CLOSE button. weird stuff! it is a textile town, famous 4 producing some of e biggest brands in e world – namely nike, converse, puma, disney. will post it when i am free. people there r also freaking rich, u can c merz car showroom n e luxury car ones now n then not far from each other. but becoz being an industrial town, so damn dusty n e roadside full of soil! otah damn nice, most probably from muar too.

  2. bimbo: -_-lll i bought a cheapskate S$10 usb keyboard which requires a hammer 2 hit e tough keys! so e C key n X key veli near so i hit wrongly. haha! kiasu becoz dun wan use laptop keyboard since saw frens who have been with them for above 2 years above have dead keyboards. not good when u go mobile bringing external keyboard.
    really? muar is famous for otah loh. not sure any other towns in m’sia. but they sell fresh one, where u can dabao n bring back, u put in fridge n cook when u like. in batu pahat, u can order in restaurant n kopitiam n they serve it as a dish. nice too, more wet version of those bbq banana leaf versions u get from roadside.

  3. yar Katrina sucks!!! but it is the most *STAR-ED* hotel in batu … u shud have seen their swimming pool!!! covered with algea!!! eeeww!!

  4. remove my comments summore la. it was a harmless comment and yet u removed it and later sent me an email swearing at me. thank you.

  5. derlin: who who who insult ur hometown?? ekkeek i praise okay!
    bobo_omatic: woi want to fight go somewhere else to fight la. we all peace loving creatures here.

  6. xes: you know the main road leading into OUG from the traffic light in front of Plaza OUG is now opened. we can go straight to Kesas Highway without having to pay RM 1.50 like we used to last time when we had to go thru bukit jalil.

  7. somehow there are more string of comments here which are nonrelated to the post than those which are…..moderator?

  8. bobo: wtf u talking about highway suddenly. so unrelated.
    karheng: has a policy of not deleting comments unless its spam or racist or any comments that are deemed unsuitable for readers. hehe

  9. aHahahah… so cute
    but you’ll never win la. you change to bobo_ he’ll call you boob. your nick is boob_ he’ll call you bobo. ;P
    hence i end up being bombobom at times…..

  10. erm….i dun knw which hotel tat u live bt actually i knw jb is not so lousy at all!! n i didnt ever been to muar, myb u r too bad luck…
    however, stil wish u hv an amazing travel in muar…

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