That Girl Emily

This picture has been going around via email under the heading of, “Never Make a Woman Unhappy!” or something like that. I received this yesterday via email, although I’ve already seen it on the blog, That Girl Emily.
It’s a blog supposedly started by Emily who found out that her husband cheated on her with her best friend. Furious and pissed off, she plotted her 14 days of vengeance by wrecking havoc one day at a time. The billboard was put up to humiliate her husband, Steve.

The blog became popular as of last year. Read the blog and you’ll find it rather interesting. I know I was engrossed!

One of the things she did as part of the 14 days of vengeance.
But hey, it was reported to be a f*cking HOAX! It was apparently a publicity stunt by a marketing firm. WTF! Read it here .

9 thoughts on “That Girl Emily”

  1. Enegue: girls memang ganas! haven’t you heard ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’? ;D
    angie: yeah!
    Low: zOMG, don’t be a nerd! ;P

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