the Best Revenge

Imagine one day you find your gf cheating on you. What would you do? Revenge? But how?
An anonymous source came up with the funniest idea. According to him, the best way would be,

Forgive her,
Sleep with her,
Then pay her.

What’s your best revenge? 😛

21 thoughts on “the Best Revenge”

  1. Something like your idea… better still.. Gangbang.
    Ask a few friends along, bang together…. then collect $$ from everyone and hand it over to her. Then the guys off… for a beer. Haha.

  2. bimbo: nice drawing bimbo. e experession is priceless. e guy really show he is extremely satisfied with e revenge. haha!
    revenge? it’s e reason e world is so sad 2day.
    just consider urself unlucky, forget her n move on. dat’s me.

  3. Well , i might invite her for a threesome session with another chick.
    And if she refuse it , i will just say “It’s not as bad as what you done to me”

  4. revenge? U feel good for …….3 seconds…maybe…5…. but after that your conscience hits you and it lives with you ….maybe…..for 3 years…maybe 5….or the rest of your life*
    *dependence of situation is very much on the regard of the nature of the revenge itself.

  5. of course…if u really have to live with would be not doing anything…take the high road…. u win by stphtumpyfying the person who hurt you by wondering why you chose to do that….it’s torture i tell ya! hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahah

  6. Hmmm….a controversial subject. Something close to my heart currently. Somebody…. STOP ME!!!!!

  7. at first i thought it was xes’s drawings LOL
    revenge waste of time lah, start hunting for new one d loh.
    why mess up your old work while u can get new canvas to paint on, keke

  8. wolfx: go draw la. ;P mebbe i start paperbag comics <—— aha so lame la me. ;D
    rych: thanks. ahahahah (see comment below)
    fr0stie: very observant ;D i tumpang glamour only. ahahhaha

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