KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz


Have you tried it yet? It’s RM5.50 on its own.

Cheesy BBQ Meltz is toasted tortilla bread filled with melted Mozzarella cheese, crushed BBQ nacho chips, tomatoes and mayonnaise. One of the reasons why I tried it was not because of the advertisement (“eh, why did you switch of the lights, sir?”) but because I was desperately hungry and the only convenient place to stop was KFC’s Drive Thru, and I didn’t know what to eat.

Looking at it, it reminded me of roti canai. roti canai also thicker and cheaper la!

It’s just another version of the Bandito Pockett which was introduced a few years back. Except that the chicken was diced (nope, for a moment I thought it was KFC Popcorn Chicken).

I would say that it’s just OK, and not recommended if:

(1) you’re used to eating the 3-piece meal set because this is for small tummies only; and
(2) if you’re on your first or second date and you’re still shy around the potential candidate because it’s really messy. I felt like a slob when all the nacho chips kept falling out. doesn’t make eating graceful.

IT NEEDS MORE MAYO, CHEESE AND SOME GREENS, KFC! you listening? reading, i mean. ;P

bimbobum’s rating: 5.5/10 not filling enough, 7/10 for taste.
Interesting facts:

(1) KFC Holdings’s budget for promotion and advertising of this product is RM4 million.
(2) Malaysia is the
first country outside US to have launched this product. ooooh… malaysia boleh?
Promotional period is for 2 months only – ending around early September.

So go and try. (But i think the Zinger burger is more worth it. ;P)
Another review here.

29 thoughts on “KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz”

  1. cool stuff 2 try bimbo but such low rating? dun wan 2 try at all anymore! it looks like cut roti canai 2 me from ur pics. hehe!
    but s’pore kfc also just released e brand new O.R. chicken chop! looks damn nice on tv. wanna try when i have chance!

  2. angmomo: HAhAHhAHAHhAHhaHAAH
    defiance: heh, soon!
    diehardx: eh? new or chicken? we had that the last time round. i guess the singaporeans are eating msia’s left overs ! wahHAhhaha ok , just joking!!!

  3. DaRkS0uL & xes: hmm, not dat sure since i have not eaten it myself. i just saw it on tv so i thought it should b new here. i know m’sia had it around april tis year but i was not at home n missed it.
    but 1 thing is sure, if u compare mcd & kfc, e servings of anything is smaller here than m’sia, expecially chicken meat.

  4. endroo G: ah… dun understand your post, sorry… ;\
    angmomo: bite me where? ;D er, on 2nd thoughts, i dowan to know hehe
    defiance: mebbe 1 month later? since M’sia’s “the 1st country out of US to have it….” πŸ˜‰

  5. bimbo: they kinda upgraded their security and we have a hard time going in and out of that building car park as our job require us to travel a lot in the Klang Valley. Even since the bomb treats been so frequent… they are scared like sheet nowadays.
    They spend a lot of money in security infrastructure too.

  6. endroo G: upgrade until like that? hehe.
    Darren: but whyyyyyyyyy……
    xbd: never tried Taco Bell when i visited the US. sigh. issit good?

  7. spent too much money on security therefore they cut down R&D on the subject. Thus, your ratings is justified.
    “bimbobum’s rating: 5.5/10 not filling enough, 7/10 for taste”

  8. honestly..i tot it tasted horrible. and it’s not really “not worth it” its a bloody rip off! i give it 3/10 for taste and what not. then again everything at kfc sungai wang is horrible, including the 2 corcrho…corkcro….lipas that crawled on my back

  9. bimbobum: I can’t really say when I don’t eat beef and most of the things they have are beef. But the Chicken stuff are good~

  10. To xbd: I visited Taco Bell a lot. Nice and I missed them a lot. Well, more like Pita type. Just because I only paid US$1 for each, the cheapest fast food in US.

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